Do You Hear That Voice?!?

As I glance out my office window today, I can see Mt. Baker. It isn’t perfectly clear because I have to look through some small trees and branches to see it. But I know it’s there and so when I look, it is easy for me to find it. I am familiar with what it looks like so it’s easy for me to recognize that beautiful mountain that I have come to love.

It is kind of like that with our relationship with God if we know Him as our personal Savior. If we spend time getting to know Him through His Word or by praying to Him and listening for His voice, we can recognize Him speaking to us. Just as I am familiar with the sight of Mt. Baker and can easily recognize its peak through the lightly wooded area, I can learn to recognize God’s voice or leading because I have become familiar with it. I know what He sounds like to me.

It is easy to let other things come before Him in our lives, but as I looked out the window at the mountain, I felt like God spoke to my heart to remind me again that He is the One who MADE that mountain. He wants to be first in our lives. He wants me to become so familiar with His voice that I will recognize it and not be led in a wrong direction when bombarded with so many false teachings. Just like I can see the mountain because I have grown familiar with its stature, we can all know God so well that we are totally familiar with his direction for our daily lives. Just as on a sunny day, the sun makes it easier for me to see the mountain through the branches, so the Holy Spirit will shed light on God’s Word to help us to see Him more clearly. On those days when the sun doesn’t shine, which can be a fair amount where I live, then I have to be familiar with that mountain enough to recognize it in any weather.

It is an awesome journey, isn’t it? Aspire to a higher, fuller life that is nearer to God!  Seek Him.


2 thoughts on “Do You Hear That Voice?!?

  1. Your writing is inspiring JoAnn. This is a very cool way of referencing how God communicates with us. And it is so true! We do come to recognize his voice and leading when he has been part of our lives for so long. And yes, even in the dark or stormy days, you can see it’s outline, how ever difficult, and know that it’s And God’s) full majesty is still there standing strong. 🙂

    1. Thank you Judy! It certainly is my goal in ministry to inspire others. Kind of motto for me: inspire, learn, grow! As always, I love your feedback and appreciate you taking the time to comment. It means a lot. Bless you!

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