The Water Is Fine!

This Mother’s Day, I spent the day at the beach. There were relatives gathering together to share what is new in their lives and to see kids that are growing up so quickly. What a joyous time it was for everyone to see each other again! Memories abound as we talk about fun times of the past that have shaped us into who we are today.  I think it is important to connect more often. Taking time to learn where we have come from  in terms of our lives, from the people who have lived it longer then us. I enjoyed the day very much! Lots of laughs, a little music, great food and fellowship. THAT’S what it is all about.

In this time at the beach, I also listened as my grandson insist on putting on his swim suit so he could go swimming. His parents had warned him it might be pretty cold, but he didn’t think so. He just ran with abandon right into the water with the water splashing as he went. There was no surprise on his face when he hit the water. He just laughed and keep on going. He was free!

I was thinking how we each came to the day of Mother’s Day with our own burdens and cares and how wonderful it would be if we could look at life just as Ethan looked at the water. He saw only the water and all the fun and enjoyment he could have. He wasn’t thinking how cold it would be. He was going for it! If we could look at our lives that same way, how many changes would we make? How many different things would we try? Would we rest and fellowship more often? Would we laugh more and be challenged more? And most of all, would we ENJOY life more? I think we would.

I have vowed that I will look at my life through eyes like Ethan. I will abandon myself to the joy of living and run head long into life without worrying about any surprises. Just enjoy the moment. I know I can trust the One who has me in His hands. He will keep me and guard me in all my ways when I acknowledge Him in my life. Are you ready to run into the water with me? I hope so. Join me. The water is fine! Ready…set…GO!!!


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