Are You An Excellent Women of God?

Do you remember the saying that beauty is skin deep? That is the world’s beauty economy. In God’s beauty economy, He tells us that he wants women to be women of virtue, diligence, skill, wisdom, piety, and have fear of the Lord. Generosity and inner beauty are also a part of a woman’s virtue. She is an excellent woman and a wonderful gift from God. Don’t we all want to be wonderful women of God? I know I sure do. I want my virtue to appear graceful and associated with inner beauty. I want my inner beauty to be more important than my physical beauty. I Peter 3:1-6. Our inner beauty should grow over time. Time spent alone with God, prayer time, and time in the Word are important in our journey to become strengthened in our inner beauty.

Does this mean that we don’t have to worry about our daily appearance that much? After all, if we are home with children, we do well to have clothes on to cover us up some days. Or what if we are domestic empty nesters? Does that mean we don’t have to worry about it because we are at home alone and no one will see us anyway? What happens if someone drops by? We are wishing we had taken the time to present ourselves better for the day! I am guilty of this myself. Have you ever ran to town without makeup only to see everybody you knew? I think we all have those days once in while where we just do nothing, and that is also good for us. But taking care of our body inside and out is vital to our over-all sense of well-being. Eat well, keep your skin fresh and shining, rest well, and take those moments for yourself to create beauty in your life.  It really goes a long way to make EVERYTHING go better! The best way that I can be an example of a woman of beauty, is to take actions in my life to make that evident. God has given us this “temple” for a season of life on earth. How are we taking care of  this temple so we can be about the work that He as for us to do? Are we cleaning the temple and caring for it daily? We need to. We are a complex body that needs attention to be at optimum. I can tell you it will change the whole way you look at your life if you listen to your body and your heart. What do you need to work on to become a woman of inner beauty as well as outer beauty?

Noevir Natural Mild Soap

It is a proven fact that when we look good, we feel more confident. I have a ritual that I do twice a week to help me feel good about how I look. I give myself a facial two times each week. I do this at home with products that I use. It keeps my skin looking great and feeling healthy. I have a great bath soap that I use on my skin so it doesn’t get dry. It’s in the little things that we do. Getting a hair cut or color. It just lifts us up. Treat yourself well and nurture your outward physical body, but remember the most important part; inner beauty. Even today, do it! Remember, we are excellent women, and a wonderful gift from God! Amen!


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