What Does Your Daily Life Mean?

This last weekend was my brother’s wedding. I did the ceremony for them and all the event planning. There is a lot of work and details that go into a wedding…a lot of work! But that is just the beginning of the work. Relationships are work. Its like a dance; back and forth, around the obstacles but always back in the arms of the one we love. In a husband and wife relationship you are like grinding stones for each other so that you become polished and your character is changed over time. You improve each other. Communication and active listening are so key in living out your marriage relationship together. Remember how all the little things you did for each other in courting, are even MORE important once you are married. Life can take over and you forget to show your love in all those small ways that mean so much to each other.

Then you have all the family and friends that come to celebrate with you. That is so special. I wish…..hummm…what do I wish? I wish that family and friends didn’t wait until there is a wedding or funeral to go to before spending time together. They are our connection with life. We are also teaching our children and grandchildren what their lives are going to be like by the way we spend our lives. I know I want mine to know the value of family and friendships and to see them as a treasure to explore in order that they may know more about themselves and enjoying their life every day. Take the time.

So once again, my daily journey has taken me on a detour of some great learning. I hope my journey challenges yours!


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