I Was Just Thinking…

What gives us true happiness? How do we judge if we are happy or content? What does that feel like? If you asked me if I wanted to be happy or content, I would shout YES! I could even tell you lots of things that make me happy and feel content. Let me see…I love the sunshine, but not too hot. That makes me happy.  I am happy and content when taking pictures of things and people around me that remind me that I am happy to be alive. I love to sit with a mocha and God’s Word in the morning to start my day. I feel content then.  I am happy and content when my kids make good decisions and experience success. I love to do things with my husband; that makes me feel content.

But what if all those things aren’t happening? What if everything that CAN go wrong IS? What if I don’t feel God is answering my prayer even though I have faithfully prayed for it everyday and sometimes more than once as it comes to mind often? This is where knowing what gives true happiness and contentment meets with my attitude. I have been reading Andrew Murray’s Book On Prayer and he has a lot to say about abiding in Christ. If we are abiding in CHRIST, that means that Christ is abiding in US. So He didn’t disappear just because things took a turn south. He is still in us abiding as He always did. Andrew Murray says, ” The first requirement of a salvation that should really bring blessedness to us was peace. And peace can only come with right. Where everything is as God would have it, in God’s order and in harmony with His will, there alone can peace reign.” So in order for this to happen in myself, I must keep peace as my personal companion. Of course satan doesn’t want us to have peace. He knows if we carry the shoes of peace, that it would surpass our current relationship with Jesus and out in the deep we would go with Jesus!

Well, I say let’s go! Let’s walk out into the deep where we are happy and content because THAT comes from Jesus. Yield yourself to the Holy Spirit so you can know God’s grace that will permit you to draw near to Him and to receive that white robe of righteousness. You can live knowing that you bring pleasure to Him!  Hard times can make us turn TO Him or turn AWAY from Him. I keep choosing daily to turn TO Him no matter what is going on in my earthly life. I know He cares and still abides inside of me. I am so thankful for that!

So? What do you say? Are you happy and content where you are by trying to do it yourself? Or will you cultivate that happiness and contentment by joining hands with me and Jesus and walking out into the deep with Him? I was just thinking… I’m going to get my towel and bathing suit! Hey! I may just jump in!


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