What Is It About Ocean Air And God’s Lessons?

This last weekend, my husband and I went away for the weekend. We know it’s good for us to get away periodically and so we try to plan them as often as we can. But as we got away this weekend, we were reminded how important they are. You have time to re-connect, dream, cuddle, and really hear each other. The one thing that really hit me this weekend as we enjoyed the beauty of the ocean, was when we DO get away and quiet, God will use that time to speak to us. So I am always excited to see what it is that He has to say to me when we go. I ASK for it. Here are a few things He brought to mind.

1. This time, God’s theme seemed to be on friendships and divine connections. Funny how God does that. I have been dealing with a very dear friend of 33 years who is suffering with her health right now and I would like to make the trip to see her. I have come to grips with the fact that it may not happen. How am I going to respond to that? Will I be mad? Hurt? Hold a grudge because I can’t go? God reminded me of the faithful friend that I have been TO HER over the last 33 years. I found comfort in that. I have called, sent a card and been in touch with her almost every week of our 33 years together. We are 1500 miles apart. She has every card. We often think of those things as not being a big deal. It is.

2. The importance of taking time to develop my friendships and be there for them. It’s not just talking about them as my friends, but really connecting with them, praying for them, and lifting them up. I have always tried to do that. But this time, God spoke to me about doing more through the power of prayer. As I was at the ocean, I called one of my friends and asked her to listen as I held my phone out for her to hear the ocean. She loves it also and I wanted to share that moment with her even though she couldn’t be there. It took a couple of minutes of my time, but made her minute! Then just a little while later, God had me pray for her. I wasn’t sure what I was praying for but God knew and it  turned out to be BIG!

3. I look at the ocean waves and I am thankful that, just like those waves come in and move the sand so you can’t see the footprints left behind, God also removes from my heart and life the sins that I have committed. They are washed away, clean just like the ocean waves take the footprints back out to the sea.  I really wanted to run out into the surf and let God do that all over again for me, but I didn’t have the extra clothing to do that!  However, I loved the feeling of that thought 🙂

4. We attended church on Sunday, and even the sermon was for me regarding Connection Power Relationships! He talked about life rising and falling based on relationships. We never know who God is going to use in our lives and for what purpose. So true! I recognized once again how God has used relationships and divine connections in my life over and over. I am so thankful for those who have told me what I need to be told, built bridges where they needed building, and how much has been given to me based how I have given to friendships. Thanks Pastor  Doug! That was a great sermon. 

5. Lastly, I learned life is short once again as I learned of a another friend and couple who are dealing with a health issue that has affected how they spend the rest of their life together. I think that is why God wants us to live for today and worry not about tomorrow. So I really am making a conscious effort to live that way so that I don’t miss out on today, because of the worry of tomorrow. In the reality of life, I need to be so thankful for what I have each day and don’t put off the things I should do in order to think I MIGHT have tomorrow to enjoy it.

So, you may not be able to go to the ocean, but I can bring some of it to you through photos. Stop your life for a minute and look at the photos. Ask God what He would have you to do with your friendships, relationships or divine connections. Ask Him to teach you the importance of each one. And then, don’t forget to bring them before God and hold them up in prayer. Elevate those friends to a higher level and then watch what happens when you don’t care who gets the credit. You do it just because you want to build them up and serve them. As Pastor Doug said in his sermon, “The mantle is always passed down. It is never passed up.” So lift others up before yourself, give in a bigger measure then ever before, and watch what double blessings await you. Don’t wait. Live for what God has for you to do and be TODAY.

If you are interested in more ocean photos, you can visit my photo blog at http://www.keymomentsphotography.blogspot.com


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