Turning Shades Of Fall

We all have noticed the change in the air; of fall coming after the summer fun. However, this year, I find myself seeing other reminders of the season. Summer represents adventure, water activities, sun and fun, BBQs and wild waves. We may even find ourselves thinking that is the kind of lifestyle we want to live year around. I believe that God made the seasons for a reason. For me, this fall has taken on a new meaning. There are changes in the air in my life. There is a slowing down that has taken place this year. There is a need for learning to have more fun and quiet time in my life in order for me to live out my life’s summers.

Today, my husband and I went out on ourcovered deck, him with his coffee cup and me with my mocha, and just enjoyed the sound of the rain and the freshness of the air. Even the birds were enjoying themselves in a puddle in our driveway where the hard ground tried to absorb all the rain and could not. But the birds cared not that the water had not sunk into the ground. They were waiting for the advantage of the rain to cause the worms to come up, and while they waited, they were making the most of the rain and bathing in it. That, I think, is the wonder that we miss out on. I need to be more like the birds this morning. Make the best use of what comes my direction and see the best in it. I need to bathe in the showers of God’s blessings, knowing that whether I am showered in sorrow or showered in joy, that I can dance in the showers that come.

So I look forward to watching the change of colors knowing that I too, am a part of that change. I will ease into fall with the expectation of those changes, and welcome them with abandon just like those birds today danced in the showers as they bathed themselves. Pretty exciting dance, don’t you think? That word has taken on a new meaning for me this past couple of years and it seems that it continues to pop up in my life a lot. So, I remind you…don’t forget to dance; even if it is in the rain!


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