Crisis or Celebration

It is amazing to me to see all the things going on in the world within a short period of time. There was the tsunami in Japan on one side of the world, tornadoes ripping through the southeast and a wedding in London. But at the same time, we know people who are sick, and while a child has just been born, others are dying.  Someone has just lost a spouse, father, grandpa and still others are in the best time of their lives celebrating that little bundle that has been born. One day these events are foremost in our minds and the next day, life takes over, moves on and it seems almost forgotten.

I know that is the reason we are called to love one another. During these times, we need someone to rejoice with us when it’s going well, and even more, someone to sit with us and encourage us through the times that are so hard and difficult. But here is the challenge: You might do that when you first hear the news but will you continue to do that for them? Will you check in on a new mom who might totally overwhelmed and tired? Will you go and have tea or coffee with someone who has a big hole in their life at the loss of a loved one? Can you make that phone to give them a distraction and an ear to listen? Great circumstances can also bring on various feelings such as wondering what will be next? Can I maintain this level of success? How does this change my life?

There will always be the ebb and flow of life for each of us where we experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. But we can be thankful to God that He is there in the midst of all of it. He is stable when we feel lost. He wants to help from us. So if you are in the middle of your mountain top experience, then way to go! If you are struggling through a valley, my heart reaches out to you to say that He will be there with you no matter what the loss. He tells us He will NEVER leave us or forsake us! I’m so thankful for His faithfulness!

Here’s the question: What will you do to support those who need a moment of your time for encouragement or in celebration? Leave your thoughts and comments here on the blog. I enjoy hearing from you. I hope you find the encouragement you need to keep pressing on. I pray you find joy in the journey, where ever that might lead you.


3 thoughts on “Crisis or Celebration

    1. I have added you and your family to my prayer list. Thanks for sharing that with me and I will look forward to updates as we get to know each other. Thanks for stopping by.

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