We Never Really Know, Do We?

How well do we really know someone? You think you do. You spend time with them,  sometimes you might even be very close friends with them, may live next door to them, or work with them. But what really goes on in the mind of someone who in this case, takes the life of his wife and two little boys? Yesterday, May 5, 2011 marks two years since a husband and dad took the lives of his family, and he was found guilty on all three counts. What goes through the mind of someone who could do that kind of thing? What happens to the God he knows is there, the love he once had for his family, and the sense of right and wrong? The rest of us are left to wonder…how could this happen? For myself, I knew him from working at the same place. Try as we might, it’s hard to get our minds and hearts around it.

Satan is such a deceiver. He can make us think what is wrong is right, what is black is white, and what was once evil is alright. Just one time, no one will know. Then, there is another and another. We might feel a bit of guilt, but satan blinds us so we are more focused on what WE want. We begin to ignore the presence of God in our lives or the voice of the Holy Spirit Who tells us it is wrong. We start thinking, we deserve to be happy, right? This marriage isn’t working out and it certainly isn’t what I thought it would be. I was talking with a friend today about sin and she shared what she learned from a study: “Sin will take us further then we ever dreamed possible.” When we reach that point,  we become a puppet in satan’s plan, and jump to his promptings. Suddenly, the eyes of the heart do not see God in the equation anymore, and we are going down that slippery slope faster and faster, justifying ourselves as we go.

We may ask ourselves, “Should we be happy that he got his due?” There are some who say, “Yes, he got what he deserved!”  And yet, those of us who know our God, know that he is lost in a world of deception. My sensibility says, he should receive the discipline of the verdict that came down and rightfully so. But I can’t help also feeling so sad that he let satan talk him into the lie, and he actually participated in satan’s plan. He took the life of those who loved him and had so much potential for the Lord’s work. Thankfully, we know that God graciously received them into His arms. No more tears, anger, sadness and rejection; just a joyous reunion with their Heavenly Father.

Let us remember that we, too, can so easily allow satan a foot hold in our lives through many different circumstances. We don’t have to take someone’s life to be in a pit of sin where we are accelerating toward disaster. Be wise as serpents and ask God to give you wisdom daily to discern His voice from the evil one. His schemes can come in slowly and sneak in the door of  your life. Don’t get lazy in your thoughts and actions. Be intentional in keeping your life in line with God’s will everyday. God is a just God. The husband and father will stand before God, his Ultimate Judge someday, and I wouldn’t want to be him standing before God in this matter. But I will also face Him one day for my sins also. I have the power to change the outcome with God’s help.

Rest in the loving arms of your Heavenly Father, Sheri, Gavin and Garett. God, give us strength to face each day in thankfulness for the promise that YOU never let go. If we have lost our way, it is because WE have let go of Your hand. As for me, hold my hand tight Lord, hold my hand tight!


One thought on “We Never Really Know, Do We?

  1. Thank you JoAnn. I totally agree. Like so many others, I’ve wrestled with some fierce emotions this week. Blessings to you, my friend!

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