Will You Sell Out?

I have found it rather difficult lately to watch various people who will ditch their loyalty for the sake of recognition or money. Do those who do this think they will gain any kind of loyalty for themselves?  Oh, they might gain ATTENTION from those who just want to get the story, but nobody really likes a tattle tail. I have always felt that if you worked alongside someone, you were to respect and keep confidentiality a priority with them unless it brought immediate danger to them. They deserve the same when you leave or part ways also. But so many will do anything to gain notoriety or make some money off of someone’s life or circumstance. Do you think the question is ever asked, “Will I enhance or degrade this person’s reputation if I break their confidence?” It saddens me that many never seem to ask themselves that question.

I would venture to say that we all have things we do or say that we would rather not have others know about us. That reminds me of a speaker I heard that asked a great question. He said, what would we feel like if God showed our life on a big screen where everything we ever did, said, or acted like were played there for everyone to see. I don’t know about you, but there would be things I would not be proud to have shared with everyone. It is something that is between God and myself, and with the work of the Holy Spirit, I want to improve. Thankfully, God gives me His mercy for “do-overs and u-turns”.  It is my desire to journey further with the Lord and to edit my life movie so that I am more of what God would see as fitting for the big screen. I want Him to be honored in what I do, say and act like. No regrets. I want to give him the keys to my house and allow Him to clean my darkened rooms.

Now you may be thinking, “I would never say the things these television people and a few others I know, are saying about their friends or boss.” Oh yes, we do! This is key: How many of you have walked out of church, having had a great worship and fellowship experience with fellow believers, and then closed your car door and let fly about something you didn’t like about the sermon, the worship, a person, or something someone said to you? Yes…we DO sell out. I have sold out at times. We just aren’t making money or credit off of the story.

Will you sell out to satan’s plan? Will you justify your words or actions based on some reasoning that you have? Or, will you use your mouth to edify and build up and carry another’s burden by keep their confidences to yourself no matter what? I desire to bring glory to God through my mouth. I turn my keys over to Him. Have I arrived? Nope. Not yet. But am I aware that I need to? You bet! There… is my plumb line.


2 thoughts on “Will You Sell Out?

  1. I regret many times that I have broken a confidence. Unfortunately, the devil makes this so very easy to do. It mostly happens without thinking a situation through. So often we speak before we really think about the full ramifications of what we are stating, true or hearsay. I have learned several valuable lessons the hard way. And it hurts, not only the person whose confidence was broken, but also a friendship that once was and never will be the same again.
    Have you ever been caught by someone looking for information, asking an innocent (so you think) question? You answer spontaneously before thinking and have shared information you never intended to about someone.
    We should try to stop and consider before answering certain questions. If our comment does not build up a person, but degrades them, it shouldn’t be said. After all it is just our opinion most times. And the temptation of the father of lies to say it.
    “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but only that which is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers.” Eph 4:29
    “Our words should be like silver boxes with bows on top.” Florence Littauer.
    I pray that I have improved in this area, but it is an ongoing learning experience to be very sensitive to.

  2. Very well said Judy! It is a hard thing and many people don’t like to really think OR talk about it but God is calling us to clean up so that we can better show our light to others. If we aren’t different, then how will others learn of Him? It IS hard but being aware of it is half the battle. Thanks again for your faithful contributions to the comment section. Always a pleasure to read your response.

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