A Special Cup

This morning while I was making my mocha in my favorite Christmas cup, I wondered what is it about me that I get such a thrill and enjoyment from drinking from a special glass or special cup or eating on a special plate? Why does that make me feel so special?

What came to mind is when I was a child, my grandma had a plate that was different from all the rest. Most likely it was one from a set that she no longer had, but it was useable, so when extra company like us came for dinner, she used it because she needed more plates. This plate had roses on it. I loved that plate for some reason. Maybe because it was different then the rest or maybe just because I loved the flowers. But for me, it was special and I always wanted to eat off that plate.

I still have some of that little girl in me today, for which I’m glad. I like that in myself. It takes the everyday and makes it special. It ushers in joy, gratitude, and legacy into my life. So this year, this mug came home to live with me. I will use this everyday this month of Christmas. We all have a desire to feel special. Somehow, even though my brothers wanted the plate too, probably just because they knew I wanted it, my grandmas always seemed to manage to set the plate in front of me. I often wish she was around now so that I could express to her some of my feelings that I have grown into. But I will always remember those special, key moments. I have a glass that was from my grandma’s set and there is only one. But a couple of years ago, I was given a mandate to look for the joy in every day. So, out came the glass and my years motto was, “Drink from the good glass.” I did and still do everyday. It reminds me of the things that I am thankful for and there are many if we will think on those things.

But, what is even more special to me is that we can drink from another very special cup everyday and we don’t have to purchase it. This cup can bring joy into our day and its free of charge! The only thing we have to do is surrender ourselves and there it is. Right at our table setting. We have only to accept it. We can drink from it and it can be filled again at our request. What is this cup? It is Jesus. He wants to be in that special place at your table, office, or where ever you are. He wants to fill your cup with all the joy you can contain. One of my traditions when my kids were young was to set a table setting for Jesus at our table. I wanted them to see with their eyes that Jesus was present. They may not see Him with their eyes, but He was invited to come and He would take His place where He is invited in. I loved it when the kids would ask Jesus if He wanted some mashed potatoes or ham! Great times!

As this season continues, I hope you will ask for Joy to come to your house. I hope you will ask Jesus to take a seat at your table. But most of all, I hope you will drink from that special cup, remember what He has done for you, and that your cup will overflow and make you smile all the while!

Walking the journey with you…


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