2012 ~ My Year of Jubilee

Here we are at the end of another year. To some of us, this is exciting! We look back on our year and see all the things that God has done for us, accomplishments we have made, and it helps us decide what we might want to change in our new year. We might be thinking of areas of our life that might need “adjustments”, or just plain need to be changed. Whatever it is for you, there is a way to make it fun and exciting. Don’t entertain the thought that you don’t need them. You do! Don’t think of them as resolutions. If you don’t make them, you just made a resolution anyway; that is, to no do anything for fear it might not happen.

So how do we handle them?

1. I have always been a BIG proponent of setting goals each year. Every December, and sometimes even earlier, I begin to ask God to shed some light on things for next year. I never get picky about what I write down. I write down EVERYTHING big or small. I allow God the opportunity to choose what He will bring about in my life.

2. Over the last several years, God has given me a word for my year. It is something that I pray for Him to give me. I research it, and because I am a visual person, I look for pictures that will represent that word for me. I purchase a few items of visual reminders. I put the picture on my office, iPad, my desktop, my iPhone and anywhere else I may need to put it so that it is in front of my eyes. I explore. I dream. I envision. ~~> I. Get. Excited!

2012? Wow! Let me share what God has laid upon my heart. This year, God gave me the word…wait for it……..JUBILEE!!! I’m so excited about it. I think of the Biblical times regarding the Year of Jubilee and it is a time of celebration; shouts of joy! Reflections on what God has done and then listening to what He wants you to do next. The idea of Jubilee comes into our current times too with celebrations of 25, 50 and 60 year anniversaries. But I like to think of it in more biblical terms and that it is a year of forgiveness of debt, the ground is left alone to replenish itself for future crops and then during that time, it is a time of reflection and trust. You see, in those times, they wouldn’t have the crops they would normally depend on either. So they had to trust that other items would be enough to sustain them until they planted once again. I like to think that as God gives me this word, He is asking me to trust Him deeper, be a noticer of His work in my life, supernaturally work in my finances, and give me direction where He wants me to work with Him. But I am open to His leading this next year.

God has given me a word for the year for about the last 5 years or more. Last year it was Celebrate and this year Jubilee. But He added another this year and that word is, relentless. Just a few days after that word came to me, I ran across John Bevere’s book CALLED Relentless. I purchased the book! I believe He has something to tell me about being relentless, not giving up, seeking, learning, and listening. So I will be relentless in my pursuit of my year of Jubilee.  It is like a well-spring stirring up inside ready to spill out!

So, as I was looking for something to represent my year of Jubilee I came across something that I really liked.  I am a gal that loves red. Why? About 13 years ago, God began speaking to me about the color red and the cross. I came to see it as a reminder of what Christ did for me on the cross and His blood that was shed so that I might be given salvation. And in the years following, I started adding that color to my home. I haven’t stopped. It is the primary color of my kitchen, master bedroom and I have a little of the red color in each room. Red is a color that is action oriented, deep need for physical fulfillment, compassionate, and likes to experience life through five senses. That is SO me.  However, I’m also a blue person. Blue people have an inner need to find peace and truth. They like to live their life according to their ideals and beliefs. Color is important. With the right color you can change how a room looks, how you look with the right color of clothing, and also what it does for your skin tone and eyes. That’s not to mention what it can do for your overall well-being to have colors you love around you! So I am concentrating on bringing those colors into my world in 2012!

If you visit my Facebook page, you can see my picture for My Year of Jubilee. The diamonds representing the Jubilee or celebration and the color red because that is my main color. I will also be adding from the blue category, some blue/turquoise into my vision. I will be on the hunt for good finds to include that in my home, which I found just today for my toast this evening for New Years!

What about my goals? I write those goals of mine down in a little book. I have it right by me to read through. When God meets a need on that list, answers the desires on that list, I highlight it. At the end of the year, I have a wonderful “altar of remembrance” for that year. It brings me joy and gratitude to see what He has done for me. He cares about everything on your list. Don’t limit Him! Go get out that tablet or journal and begin dream with God! See what He will do! He is faithful and wants you to trust Him. Dream big and watch Him be faithful to answer! I would love to hear what you have planned for the new year. Leave a comment! ♥

Walking the journey with you…


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