Rains of Change Revisited

This is a post that I had written quite some time ago, actually in September of 2011. So as I was reviewing it, I realized it started that day! I now see the pieces coming together.

In Washington, we have a lot of experience with rain. However, we also enjoy the beautiful lush green color that goes with it! We know a refreshing rain is good for many things. One of those things is the freshness to the air we breathe. So, as I sat yesterday inside my cozy office, I was thinking about that. I decided to take a moment and I went outside to listen and to watch as the rains came down.

As I watched the rain and saw this little plant, I realized, or God chose to remind me, “so it is with our lives”. We need times of refreshing so that we can continue to grow and revive our weary souls. New beginnings so to speak; renewed every morning. We may decide on a different direction for our lives, a move, re-arrange our home or decor, or maybe even our change our schedules so that we CAN have more times for the soft rain of change to happen. It brings peace and calmness to our souls. You may be in a torrent of rain right now, but all the more important for you to really pray over these words for your life circumstances. Ask God to reveal Himself in the circumstances.

So here is what I felt as I watched the rain. I feel change coming. Have you ever had one of those seasons where you feel like something is about to happen and you aren’t sure what? You are kind of excited but not sure what God is up to? I have been living with this feeling for a long time. I feel God calling me to rely on the Holy Spirit for direction. I am in preparation for something yet unknown, but its going to be great! Crazy, huh? But…exciting!

I think that is the whole idea, though, don’t you? He wants us to live in expectancy of His next move or work. But we have to lay a foundation for that work before hand. Think about this…satan lays his groundwork before he plays out his full hand. Have you ever thought about that? He doesn’t just hit you with an attack. He has been laying ground work by planting doubt, discouraging you with circumstances, causing insecurities, hurt in relationships and anything else he can come up with. Then, before we know it, he is inside our door! One little chink in our armor and he will use that to turn your life upside down. Spend time with the Lord and let His refreshing rain fall over you and give you what you need when you need it. Use the Word to stand against it, pray always, so you are laying a solid groundwork!

What refreshing rains are falling on you?  What will you re-arrange so that you can have times of refreshing in your life? You see, 10 months later, I am finding out that there is a move in my future to a different home, and selling the home we have lived in for over three years. He is moving me into a different season and I am moving forward TOWARDS it as each day passes!

Funny isn’t it? No…not funny, but exciting to see the hand of God move in our lives and see all the pieces of the puzzle start coming together. God bless you as you throw the umbrella away and let the soft rains of change wash over you! Walking the journey with you…in the rain!


11 thoughts on “Rains of Change Revisited

    1. Didn’t see my other reply post so posting again. Yes it CAN be! I love watching how God works in little things. If we are in tune to Him, we can see His answers in the moment.

  1. I love the visual I’m getting in “throw the umbrella away and let the soft rains of change wash over you” (probably not an exact quote, as my memory is short). I was just listening to a woman sharing about how nervous she was as she followed the Holy Spirit and moved out of her “comfort zone”. I got to share an experience that I had many years ago when the Holy Spirit led me thru the same thing. I was praying for the Lord to take the butterflies in my tummy away….He showed me that the butterflies will always be there, but they will learn to fly in formation! Exciting things happen when we are willing to be stretched! I love to read the posts that you share, you are so encouraging! Blessings, Cindy

    1. Thanks Cindy! Love the butterfly formation idea! Good one! It is fun how He speaks to us, isn’t it? I love that part about the Lord! He meets us just where we are! I’m always so blessed to know that what I share helps or encourages others! That’s my life purpose!!!

  2. Rains of change are falling upon our lives and it is strange to think of life in ways we never have before. Our lives are so frail, so short and how important it is to allow the rain of the Holy Spirit to water us, strengthen us and fall upon us as we grow up in Him. Our rains of change are somewhat intimidating in their force and yet we know our God has plans for us that are good, to give us a future with a hope and so we walk by faith and not by sight trusting in the One who sends the rain!

  3. Wow loved this!!! Yes, I am feeling that rain in a funny ol’ way of late. In 2008/9 I fell ill with an autoimmune neurological disorder and even though I was only 28 I felt old very quickly, joint and muscle pain, nerve pains and muscle cramping all prevented me from being as active as I once was. I became afraid of exercising because it would take nearly two weeks to recover from half an hour’s worth of exercise. But of late that fear has been replaced by a desire to start to live and be once more, I want to be able to do the same plus more than what I could do before, so this morning as I was praying with God I spoke about my desire to start to walk again, for pleasure and exercise, and you know what most of the blogs I’ve read today have been speaking to me of going outside and being in the elements, not missing the rain, the sun, the birds and the light. LOVE IT.

    God is soooooooooo good – so I guess for me, I’ve got to get ready for the next thing God is doing in my life re. this desire.


    1. I have always loved photography and about 3 years ago, I felt God telling me to take a picture a day and post it on facebook for one year. I wasn’t sure why I was supposed to do that but I followed that leading and did it. I called it My 365 Day Project. But half way through the year, I was doing a bible study one day and different words jumped out at me and when I put them together, it became Life Through A Different Lens and I felt I was to change the name of the posts from that point on. I can’t begin to tell you the changes that took place in me! It fueled my love of photography again, it showed me things I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise, and to learn to appreciate the moments as they come. That is one of the reasons that I named my photography, Key Moments Photography! It is capturing each moment in time as I go. I would take a photo and God would give me a message for it. It was almost like a year devotional. Some said I should have published as one. But all this to say, I would encourage you to continue that moment by moment experience and to grab them as they come as a way to see your life through HIS lens and oh what a difference that can make! It has already for you and He is confirming it! God bless you as you go and please keep in touch to let me know as you progress. Expecting…loads of fun to see what God does! I’m journeying with you and can’t wait to hear what comes next!

      1. Thank you so much for your kind and supportive words Joann, I will definitely keep in touch with you (by God’s grace) re my progress and journey 🙂

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