What Do You Do With A “Suddenly”?

The winds of change have blown over me. A new door I must walk through. When the winds of change blow over you with a “suddenly” what do you do? Do you walk in fear? Chase it down with a conquering spirit? Re-group and make a new plan? Do you stand in a one spot afraid to move? Afraid to risk a next step? A “suddenly” can be anything unexpected that comes in to your life, whether good or something not so good. What is your first reaction?

I have recently had a “suddenly” come into my life. It means a whole new paradigm shift. It means starting over in many areas. It means depending on God for the details. It means leaving new friends I love. It means leaving a quiet place for one not so quiet.  When these things happen, I may feel like I am between a rock and a hard place, but God knows the beginning from the end so have to get my heart right; setting my mind and heart to risk starting over again. I have started over many, many times, but the process always brings a few quakes in the very beginning. I also know it can bring new and exciting things into my life as well. I know all about blooming where I am planted..and after all, I have seen flowers grow out of a rock! So… I am covered, right?

As I work through the process, I have to ask myself, “is who I am longing to be wrapped up in where I live, or what house I live in, or what car I drive? Is my desire to be used of God something that works in one area but not in another?” I know the answer is a resounding NO.  So I start asking God some questions: What do you want me to learn from this “suddenly”? Who do you want me to meet? What legacy to do you want me to leave with those that I have shared life with where I am currently? Who do you want to bring into my life that is new? Where do you want to plant me in this change that I am making?

My request?

  • Remind me once again that it is never too late to start again in a new place.
  • Make my home an atmosphere where your love is felt in every corner of that home. It belongs to You, after all.

You see, no matter where I am, this home, a new place, Honduras or any number of other places I have been or lived, I know He has a purpose for my life. I’m seeking the new with the familiar because I know He wants me to remain flexible in Him and His plan for me. Refine me. Is it always easy? No. Most certainly not. But He does tell us that He will ALWAYS be with us. So I cling to that reminder, look back at the blessings He has given me through my time where I have been at, and take all that love and blessings into the new ground that He is giving me.

So I am forward-looking about my “suddenly”, and moving ahead with His abounding grace to the new place He is taking me. This blog is about the journeys of my heart, and I’m about to embark on a big journey.

How are you handling your “suddenlys” in your life? Does it paralyzed you or energize you? Don’t stand, afraid to move. Step out in faith and prayer. Take my hand and let’s walk this life journey of “suddenlys” together knowing He has it all under His control. Scripture says, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.”Proverbs 3:5 & 6. That’s my life verse!

Are you ready? Got a “suddenly” going on? Here’s my hand…let’s walk the journey together!


10 thoughts on “What Do You Do With A “Suddenly”?

  1. Very inspiring and encouraging words – it takes a lot of strength, courage and trust to depend on God for the details but I think all of these attributes arise when we have a heart to submit to God in all things – it seems to me that you have this heart so no matter what lies ahead you will be able to overcome in Him.

  2. I was able to reflect on how I handle the “suddenly” and thank our loving merciful God it isn’t the same way I would’ve 5 years ago. to always acknowledge God and allow Him to direct our paths can only be done while depending on the Holy Spirit. I loved this and felt like I was sitting with a good friend, reassuring me that we all go through “things” and with God as my loving guide it will all be good. I have a feeling no matter where your home is every inch God will be there too. thanks for the hand of Christ you lend and extend as we walk the journey together!

    1. I’m glad you felt that kind of connection when reading my post. That is what I hoped from starting the blog. Thanks so much for stopping in! Looking forward to future connection!

  3. Flowers growing out of a rock — I love it! I can so resonate with your situation, JoAnn, being in the middle of one of them myself (my blogs have told some of my journey). God has brought you to an attitude of acceptance and willingness to follow Him wherever He leads, and I love that! Yes, it doesn\’t matter where we are or what we\’re called to do — since God is there, we are safe. Not only that, but we can learn more about holding onto Him through the circumstances we\’re in if we walk through with praise in our hearts rather than grumbling. Thanks for some great inspiration. Love your pictures, too!

    1. God has been working on the area of finding the joy in each moment and celebrating it and I have loved the journey! But in that, I have had to learn not matter what that it is important for me to be contented where I am at and with what I have. I have enjoyed finding the joy in the moment!

  4. JoAnn, it blesses and encourages me to read the heart cry of God to trust Him in our moments of surprise and calamity. It is only as we respond with praise and worship in our “suddenlies” that we truly grow in the grace and knowledge of God and are able to be lead by Him into a place of deeper intimacy. This we only learn through trials and the response of our heart that pleases Him. Thank you for the reminders to trust the God of mercy, love and compassion, the One who has plans for us that are good. It is our character He is desiring to refine so we reflect the fullness of the Image of the Son.

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