Light On A Hill



  • 1 |līt|noun1 the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible; reflective light.
  • 2|līt| spiritual illumination by divine truth.

The end of the year always brings a special time of contemplation in my life. I spend some time asking myself, “What has happened this year? What have I learned? What has God done in my life? What goals were reached?” And…I begin to write out my goals for the new year. As I pray about the new year, God usually gives me a Word. This has taken place for the last 5 years or so. I am always excited to see what He gives me. This time, God has been very clearly bringing the word LIGHT into my mind and heart. Light is my word for 2013!

So what do words have to do with my year? I find that God gives me a focus on this word where by, I look at my life through the lens of this word, all. year.long. I study about it, I share it with others. I usually find items that represent my word and I have them around me in my house and office. It is fun for me to have the word “light” this year. I love reflective light and things that reflect light. I have them in my windows and throughout my house. It makes me smile just to look at light reflecting through or on an object in my home. It reminds me that I am to be like that reflective light every day I live. As I do this, it begins to transform my life on a daily basis

Even our house that we purchased a couple of months ago, is a bit strategic in this new year. Our home is on a hill and it is a busy cross street. People in my life have spoken that we are a light on a hill, or our home is to be a light on a hill, just like scripture says. I never take lightly those things that others say because I believe it is confirmation that God is giving me, or something that I am to meditate on. So, over the last couple of months especially, He has spoken to me through the books I have read where the concept of light is talked about. I have also had people randomly speak about light and its importance, and I have read scripture where light has come up again and again. All of this tells me that God has a message for me. He is giving light to the hidden things of darkness in my life. Light will become my change agent.

Facts: Light chases the dark away. God is light. I need to be a light to others. Light illuminates IMG_3058so that I can see the path before me, as well as, anything I might stumble upon. It shines so that I can see beauty, it shows up in the face of a believer, it ignites, it can light up a face, and I am being called to be a ray of light in the darkness.

So what is God asking of me this year? I believe I am to learn more about how He is THE Light and how my life should reflect His light. I also believe that, I and my home, should be light to those around me and that they should be able to see something different shining from within. I want to let His light so shine among women/men that they know who is the center of my life and home. God uses light to show us something we might not otherwise see. I think God loves light and reflective light. We have read in scripture that heaven is full of light and shining beauty. I think God wants me to:

  • be the kind of person that walks in the Light
  • full of wisdom and light
  • a child of the Light
  • be a light that shines in a dark place

Do you recognize any of those scriptures? I hope so. That is what getting a Word from God is about; learning more about the way that God wants us to live. It all helps me discover God’s purposes for my life.

So, I leave my  year of Jubilee in 2012 and walk into the Light of 2013! I have been called out of the darkness and into His marvelous light. I want to be full of wisdom and light; a child of the Light. I take on the challenge of learning what God has for me to learn, and I willingly take His hand to walk in the Light, WITH the Father of Light.

God’s blessings to you as you face this New Year. Look forward and ask Him what He has for you. Remember…I’m walking the journey with you…



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