Let The Waves And Ripples Begin!


This weekend when I was out taking pictures, I saw something that reminded me of the word that God gave me for this year. My word for this new year is LIGHT. Light shines in the darkness and it shines for all to see. As is the case when I go out, God uses the things around me to speak to my heart and this picture had a message that went right along with my word for this year. I saw a rock in the water. There wasn’t that much of it that was sticking up out of the water, however as I observed, I saw that even the little part of the rock that was out of the water, caused waves to separate around it. The water didn’t just roll over it, it made its own little waves. As little as the waves were, it still caused a ripple effect in the water that was very large. God seemed to say that I needed to stand firm just like that rock. That if I am seeking Him, I am the rock standing on the Rock.  Even though I may not make a big splash in my life, and may not feel like I can have that much influence over those around me, I will have. I may only make a small waves but the effect of those little waves will ripple out exponentially as He has designed. I need to be just like that rock; stand firm, and let my little light shine! God will do the rest. The “Butterfly Effect” (A Book by Andy Andrews) is in motion.

A couple of minutes later, I took the same shot with a different aperture setting and it change the whole look. God said, just like this shot, you may not always be able to see what is going on or what will happen next. But the rock is still there and hasn’t changed. The water waves are still there, and the ripples are still going out whether I can see them or not. I have to trust. God sees and He knows what I can’t see and what I don’t know. If I trust Him, it doesn’t matter that I can’t see what is going on behind the scenes. He knows.

I am looking for what God has for me this year! I am expecting great things! I can trust Him to show me! The message I got at the beach last week was that I need to shine my light for all to see, however that works out in my life. I make not make a big splash, but I WILL affect people and the ripples will go out! That is what my calling is; encourage people to live their lives pursuing what God has for them, living it out in passionate pursuits, and to honor Him for the gifts He has given us to use for His glory. I hope you find some of that on this blog.

What a great picture story I was given. I was so excited! In what way do you want to be used by God this year? Have you taken the time to ask Him, and then listen to what He has for you? If you are quiet and tuned in, he WILL show you. Let the waves and ripples begin!

Walking the journey with you…


8 thoughts on “Let The Waves And Ripples Begin!

  1. Thanks JoAnn. What a great picture God has given you…Sometimes in the past when I have been down the Lord has shown me small things that I think are inconsequential that He has led me to do that have had a positive effect on others. It is in everyday life that we have opportunities through God’s grace to bless others. He directs us if we will but listen and obey…It’s a lifelong lesson to trust His voice particularly when we have had every reason not to trust because of the hurts from man. But God does not fail. His love is constant and unconditional. A world of difference. In fact, the world we belong to isn’t here on earth. I’m going to determine this year to keep my focus on the bigger picture and not the petty, mundane, and often agonizing thoughts that the devil presents to our minds. That isn’t God’s plan and that isn’t God! I know I think sometimes that if I don’t figure everything out I won’t get to the bottom or to the true meaning of something. But what a waste of time and energy. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind, and we have to choose the higher road and ignore the voice of the devil, false teachings of the world, and of our own reasoning. We often don’t know the cause for something but that’s where we must trust that God is God and it is sufficient that He knows and because of His love, it is the best plan. I know some things are a real challenge for us—just yesterday I shed a bucket of tears over being falsely accused and lied about so that someone else would look good to others. It hurts! But now I have a choice. Do I go to God or do I stew in my thoughts of injustice. This year I am going on the higher road. It might hurt as I will have to face some truths about myself and change my behavior but there are positive consequences to that whereas if I choose the lower road I have no hope of victory. It helps me to meditate on the fact that I am a child of God. And as a child of God I have available to me the higher road. God help and bless us all. Love, Lynn

    1. Lynn ~ you are so right! He will give us what we need, what we need to hear, what we need to learn! I’m so glad to hear of your pressing in to HIS choices. It’s hard when we are hurt but God smiled as you trusted Him. Thanks so much for sharing! I still think you should consider writing some. You do so well! Thanks my friend for sharing your thoughts and glad you enjoyed it! Keep me posted on what God is doing! I love to hear!

  2. Hi JoAnn, I love the word ‘light’ God really spoke to me about His divine light last year so just think that it’s great that you get to meditate on this word for a whole year 🙂

    I thought the message that YAH gave to you is beautiful, one that I also needed to hear right now too. PS. I can see ripples in your second photo too – although not as pronounced.

  3. Thank you so much for that Picture word. We may never know how far the ripples go but God does. Some ripples may be farther than others or stronger than others some days. Crystal.

    1. I’m so glad to hear from you once again! I hope you are doing well! Yes Crystal, it is a blessing that we can have influence in places we know not of, but God does! That is what I pray over my writing each time. Here is to ripples that abound and overflow for you this year!

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