I’m Ready!

ImageThe Traveling Cottage is at home and getting prepared for her maiden voyage!  I can’t wait!!!  In fact, this week, I made some ice tea and went out to enjoy it in my little place.  I closed the door of the trailer so I wouldn’t be reminded that I was REALLY sitting in my own back yard, and I pretended like I was somewhere overlooking the water!  Ah…the life!


Do you ever have the need to just get away?  Ever felt lonely when all you would have to do is call someone by phone, but you don’t?  You don’t think you are “down”, but still feel unsettled? How about, you feel something and you don’t even know why you feel that way, or WHAT you ARE feeling?  Oh, ok guys…no laughing!  I am at home with a more relaxed schedule because I don’t work outside the home, so you would think that it wouldn’t hit me as much.  BUT, I find that I still need to get away from the familiar and set myself apart!  And sometimes, He has to remind me.  He’s creative like that.


Just this morning, I started again reading the book of Mark.  During the first three chapters, I am reminded of how each of the those men just left what they were doing and WENT.  They didn’t think about it, they didn’t have second thoughts about their life; Jesus called and they went!  So it made me think that I may need to do that very thing!  This feeling I have is God calling me to a quiet place, where ever that may be, to spend time with Him.  I don’t have to be lonely because He is there.  I have Someone to talk to…Him.  I can find a place to get a way for a while…my favorite spot in my home, my deck, a drive in the car, a park, where every it may be.  I CAN do that.  I NEED to do that.  What happens?  

  • He fills me up.
  • Gives me insight.
  • I am refreshed just like sitting with my glass of ice tea in my Traveling Cottage.  
  • He will meet me there!


Oh the lessons and insights we can learn if we are open to His leading in our everyday existence!  I WANT to be, and I want to notice when He is whispering in the soft breeze for me to come and share an ice tea with Him.  Will you go?  Will you drop everything and walk or sit with Him a spell?  I did that yesterday in my Traveling Cottage in my own back yard, and again today, in my office.  It was a good time of refreshing and refocusing.


So, I leave you with this question:  Have you ever felt this way?  Tell me about it.  I would love to hear your comments.  Walking the journey with you…


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