The Legacy Continues


Today starts a new legacy for something that I have had in my home for about ten years, but has always been a part of my life. What is that, you ask? My dad’s jewelry box. I don’t know about yours, but my dad’s jewelry box was a treasure box of stored goodies. Anything from jewelry to an old ceramic marble could be found in there! One of my favorites? A little tiny bible that you can actually read out of. It was so cool and we had to be very careful when we opened it so nothing would happen to it. I don’t know the story behind that bible or where it came from, but I know it was always there as far back as I can remember. I have that Bible today and Ethan finds as much joy in that little book as I did. As a child, I loved to browse that jewelry box often. He even had coins and silver dollar bills and some $2 bills that could be found in there. Good times and memories!

So this weekend as Ethan and I were talking, he mentioned he really wanted a jewelry box for his ring and a few necklaces he had. So I thought today was a good day to share more of the story, empty out the items and send it home with him. I also told him how much I know my folks would have loved to meet him and that they would be proud of him wanting that old jewelry box for his treasures! He was very excited and told me how he was going to take such great care of it. I love passing the legacy of stories along to him. That is how he can learn more about where he comes from.

So I am happy to report it went into his little backpack to its new home and somehow I feel that mom and dad are looking down with big smiles today on that little boy who wanted that box.

Sharing life…walking the journey with you…


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