The Ups and Downs of Life

Jetty at Ocean Shores
Jetty at Ocean Shores

If you remember, my last post included a story about rock climbing to see the ocean waves coming in (check out the last post).   I reviewed that story, I felt I was supposed to share a bit more of that story with you.  The background to this story is that September 23rd of 2013, I had bilateral knee replacement; both knees at once.  I chose that way because I thought if I went in for one knee, I wouldn’t want to go back for the second knee.  I’m sure I would have been right!  So, keep that in mind as I share this little object lesson God gave to me.

We went to the ocean to spend some time away.  One of the places I had never gone before was the jetty out at the point in Ocean Shores.  I lived in Aberdeen for a bit over 4 years, went out to the ocean many, many times, but never to the jetty.  My husband and I went out to see what we could see.  From what I understand, there are two currents that meet and it makes for some gigantic waves to come crashing in to shore.  There is a wall made up of rocks that lines the shore line IMG_5342to break the water that comes into the beach.  Well, as you know by reading my posts, I am an ocean dweller!  I love the ocean!  Where there are waves, I’m gonna go!  Now the key here is, that my knees get me around pretty good for seven months out of surgery, but they are nowhere near maximum range of motion.  However, I see those crashing waves and I am thinking, “I have to get up there and see!”  I climb up on top of the rocks with my camera to get as close as I can to see the waves.   Huge waves are building and building, and headed for shore!  So exciting!  I stood protecting my camera as much as possible, and got as many shots as I could.  I took out my iPhone and did the same.  It was absolutely awesome!!!  It began chilling down quite rapidly, with some rain beginning to fall.  I decided I had gotten some good shots and had a blast watching the waves, so I turned to go back down the rocks.  I’m looking at those big boulders and thinking, “They look at lot bigger going the other way!  How in the world am I going to get down?”  You see, you bear weight differently going up then you do going down.  Down is where you have to depend on those muscles, that are weak from a surgery, and they take a lot of time to build strength for stepping down.  Even ordinary steps take a bit of time.  Well… here I am with boulders!  I had my camera around my neck and it was dangling as I tried to bend over to help myself down.  Can’t have camera damage so I unzipped my coat and tucked it in and zipped it back up.  Ok, next…I moved my body around thinking if I went backwards, maybe that would help me get down.  Uh…not really.  How about sideways?  Humm…this is kind of scary.  By now, I’m thinking, “I don’t think I can get down!”  I was ready for the bottom slide when I looked up and Terry is coming toward me from a ways down the beach.  He motions for me to wait and he will help me.  When he gets to me, he tells me there is an easier place to get up and down.   He takes my hand and helps me take those steps that were kind of scary to take on my own.

Now here is the kicker!!!  God very gently told me that, it is like that in our lives.   We think we can do anything!  We can climb rock walls with new knees, we can get that house if we want, we can buy a new car, we can do it on our own!  We are like theIMG_5441 little child that is trying to be independent and says, “I can do it myself!”   You know what?  I didn’t think at the moment to ask God to help me get down.  I could have.  I didn’t.  How many times do we live out our lives and just don’t think to ask or, we are too proud to ask?  Maybe, its that we don’t want to be vulnerable to what God might have for us, versus what we want.  I know it should have been a natural response to ask.   That is an area I ask God to change in me.  I’m usually pretty good to ask first, but we all have times we miss it.

Just like my husband Terry, God comes along and says, “It’s much easier if you go this way and let Me help you.  My timing is perfect and my ways are best for you.”  If we are willing to put aside our pride and trust Him, He will take our hand and help us off the rocks and down to safe ground.  I hope my little adventure helps you to see that God wants you to trust Him in everything.  Don’t go along thinking you can do everything by yourself.  It’s not worth it.  I could have stayed up there fretting, got dirty sliding down hard, pointed rocks, risked hurting my knees, and what I was carrying… and… all for the sake of doing it myself.  Crazy!  Not worth it!  Extend your hand.  He is waiting!

Walking the journey with you…


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