Day 2 Adventures

Good morning!!

We had quite a night!  No room in the Inn….or the motel or the hotel. All rooms were full!  Finally after prayer again we did find a room. BUT just before that, my sweetie was graced with a blue light special to the tune of $125!  Didn’t catch the reduced speed sign.  Oh yes!  Never a dull moment. However, we had a good night’s rest and woke up ready to roll!  Destination?  Wyoming!!!

It was wonderful to wake up to rain this morning. It’s cooler and the air is fresh.  Beautiful pictures of Coeur d’Alene Lake in Idaho. Breath deep today my friends and take in the beauty around you. It’s there!

If I do t answer comments right away, it maybe I don’t have wifi or signal!  Blessings!


Walking the journey with you…



2 thoughts on “Day 2 Adventures

  1. Beautiful picture of the lake. Having the experience of not finding a room within 100 radius, in the early 1980’s, I now always book a room ahead of time. (One year my brother & I went to SD via Yellowstone Park
    first. At Cody there was no room at the inn. Holiday Inn let us sleep in our car, in their parking lot.)

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