Montana Sky

Today was a day of driving. We went through a raging storm that was exciting, crossed the continental divide, and watched the chafing sky. Beautiful.    

 The build up to the storm. 

It hit fast and hard. 

In the back seat Ethan is play some game and all of a sudden he says:

Yep I won.  I’m playing myself. It’s complicated. 

He cracks me up!

The open sky and mountain ranges are fabulous!  The farmland is rustic with special charm of days gone by.  So enjoy it. 

We end our day with relaxation and a beautiful sunset!  Tomorrow we go to Yellowstone. If my page lay out is different it’s because I’m doing it on my phone.    

Walking the journey with you…



One thought on “Montana Sky

  1. Sorry I haven’t commented before, I’ve been behind in things. I love the photo you took of looking behind.

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