What Is In A Word?

Cropped RememberDo you realize fully the power of words?  Words have the power to heal, hurt, wound, build up or take down, to encourage, and… to change us.  There is research that shows us how words affect our
thinking and emotions.  Quite interesting.  We can make ourselves sick by the words that we self-talk.  Be careful.  Be aware of what you say to yourself each day, all day long.  I want my words to edify Jesus, change myself, and then encourage those around me.  As I have learned more and more about the importance of words, I am watchful for what I see, and the things I say.  I have a long way to go before I can say that my words are always edifying, but I feel that I am more aware of my words today, than several years ago.  Or, it could be that God is impressing upon me the notion that I need to really step up my efforts, but, with His help; I will allow the Holy Spirit to work in me.  I think when we feel impressed upon and idea, word or change in our lives, God is working.  I am up for that.  Are you?  I know that I must become diligent to guard my mind, heart, and mouth so I can be an example.

Here are some scriptures to ponder:

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue” (Prov. 18:21).

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it” (Prov. 4:23).

So… here I am at the end of a glorious year with so many wonderful and great life happenings, but there have been some very sad things too.  However, I am IMG_0594_1once again asking God for His directional Word for my new year.  After praying about it for a couple of weeks, I feel a Word pop into my heart, and I start praying about it.  As is always the case, I then start hearing it, seeing it, hear people using the word in conversation, and even see it on TV!  There is a knowing… that is my word for the year 2016.  When I know what my word is, it is also clear each time, why that Word is for me in the new year.  In my case, I had some fabulous times and some real divine connections that God has made this year and I am beyond thankful for them.  BUT, I also know that those other irritating and sad situations come into all my life, and I feel that weight of them going into the new year.  There are changes going on which will change my life up a bit.  Am I ready?  I believe that God is giving me this Word, so that, I can look back and see the importance of His hand in my life, whether it is in the great times, or the hard or sad times.  I feel God wants for me to see what He HAS done.  It also may be why for the last several years, I have had my Gratitude Jar.  God never wastes a thought or idea.

What is my word for 2016?  Remember.  I am to remember His faithfulness in my life.  I saw several dreams come true, prayers answered, goals met, and seeing God’s faithfulness this year.  I want to remember those times when things get tough, rather than reacting to the tough times.  I want to be in peace, and remember that He knows what is best for me. I want to remember that He always listens.  There is no way that I and my sweetheart could have enjoyed what we have enjoyed this year, and not know where it came from.  God is my source.

Just as Jesus told the disciples at the Last Supper, “Do this in remembrance of me.”, I think that I need to not just be grateful for what He has done in the moment, but to remember it when I need to pull myself up by the boot straps because I have forgotten, and life has taken over.  I have been reading a great book recently that talks about living “as if” (as if it has happened) instead of living a life of “if only” (negativity and defeat), and I am in total agreement with that.  I want to live my life “as if” it is always a fantastic journey no matter where He takes me, or what my circumstance!  I can face the new year knowing if I live “as if”, things are going to be the way God wants them to be.  We need to live that way because God is faithful.  That means it is always for my best.  I can’t trust what I see sometimes.  I live for what it CAN be.  I didn’t start out my year deciding this was the year to go to Norway.  But it has always been my goal and I have prayed about it for years.  God chose this year to grant that dream to me.  Does that mean I will get what ever I want if I live this way?  No.  It is about trusting Him.  I have had plenty of things I didn’t want to happen this year, but all in all, I know He loves me and wants what is best for me.  If I use my word, Remember, then in those difficult times, I can Remember His faithfulness to me, and that gives me renewed hope.  It’s like a snap shot of my life that He gives me each day.

I am a visual person, so I had a word picture design made for me and you saw it at the top of my post today.  It is framed and IMG_1095hangs in my office now.  I will remember God’s faithfulness everyday as I look at it.  When a rough day hits, I will look at the visual snap shot of God’s faithfulness, imagine myself sitting on the hood of my car in a special place, and… I will remember.  Yes.  God IS faithful to me in everything!

I hope you will consider the importance of your words as you look to 2016, and if you ask God and He gives you a word, would you leave a comment and let me know what it is, and what that means to you?  Leave the comment here on my blog page so that others coming to the page can read it also.  Thank you!

May God direct your paths in ways you never imagined in 2016!  Merry Christmas!

Walking the journey with you…




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