To An Even Greater 2016! *Clink*

IMG_1033_1I have experienced a great and wonderful year this year!  I am very grateful for everything; the bumps and valleys, and the mountain top experiences.  I wrote in my last post about my word for 2016.  Did you read the post?  I won’t go into it again here because you can read, but suffice it to say, as the new year approaches, it is something we all do at this time of year.

What does leaving 2015 mean to you?  What are the things that have tripped your trigger, or maybe have caused you pain this year?  Do you know that God has been with you through it ALL?  For me, IMG_8836God has certainly orchestrated some awesome experiences this year and I have seen many dreams come to fruition.  However, it hasn’t been without some scary times, and some hurtful times.

  • I have lost friends; both in death and in other circumstances
  • I have endured hurtful things said to me, as well as, hurtful things done to me
  • I have had my share of financial difficulties
  • I’m still having trouble with my left knee 2 years+ after surgery
  • I have walked with those who have had life threatening circumstances from which God delivered them
  • I made my life time goal to travel to Norway, and dearly love the relatives I met there
  • I have had the joy to see my house transformed little by little by God’s provision
  • I have had the joy of studying about areas of my relationship with God that have been life changing
  • I have had the passion to improve my photography skills through various mediums and look forward to even more learning
  • But above all, I have SEEN and EXPERIENCED God’s faithfulness through all kinds of storms, financial provision, and the love of my family.  He will always be here for me no matter what my circumstances feel or look like.  I know that sometimes God will pull me away from people and circumstances.  It may be for a season, or it can be a forever thing.  That’s because He knows what is best for me.  It’s not always pleasant, and it can be very hard, but He has a purpose.  He will always take me to places I can’t imagine going on my own.  I choose to thank Him for what those hard times have taught me.

_DSC0861One of my New Year Eve activities is to read through my Gratitude Jar Hearts and see with my own eyes all that He has done.  It is truly a time of reflection for me.  It sends me into my New Year ready to look for Him there in my everyday life.  He never leaves me.  His hand is always extended.  I just have to put my hand in His and trust Him and then, keep it there.

I have my goals list that I make every year in my journal and I know there will be others that I add.  I put everything on my list; BIG and small.  I list for me, my family, my home, my daily life, wants, needs, and desires.  It’s all big to God because it is big for me.   He will help me see the priorities.  It doesn’t all happen, but I can’t imagine my life without the purpose behind writing them down every year.  I am choosing to look at my life everyday through “the lens of gratitude”.

What about you?  What is God speaking into your heart for this next year?  Would you share that with me?  Leave it here on the blog comments so others can read who aren’t on my Facebook page.  I can’t wait to hear where you are going in 2016!  Here is to a great 2015 and looking forward to an even greater 2016!  Happy New Year!!

Walking the journey with you…



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