Moving To Bel Aire!

House FrontDoesn’t that sound awesome?!?!?!?   Well…we just found out yesterday that it is true, if nothing unforeseen should arise.  But this decision has not come easy.  We have spent weeks in this process.  But God…He has been faithful!  Let me share a little about this.  I am learning it is always about our faith and trust.

We have had many disappointments as we have walked this journey of house finding.  If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know we were trying to stay in the northern area of Washington state close to family and friends.  But God has something else in mind it seems.  As we scoured the real estate market, we realized once again that if we wanted to do the Dave Ramsey style, which is to “live like no one else, so that some day you can live like no one else”, then we would have to look outside our area.  We began to look elsewhere to a place we had actually lived for over 4 years; from the end of 2003-2008.  We made the drives down to look at some houses only to be disappointed by the condition of the home or property.  We would drive around the area and look at homes on our list.  I had found this one online and we both really liked it.  We had a few others to consider and compare against this one you see above.  So for a third time, we made the drive down to look.  We went by each of them on the list again, and decided they were not wise choices for us.  We had already drove to the Bel Aire home and walked around it.  We really liked what we saw on the outside.  We hung out until our appointment with the agent. When he came to meet us there, we told him we had eliminated the other homes, except for this house on Bel Aire.

Kitchen2We walked up to the front door and walked in.  No bad odors or smells, quite clean for a home that had sat empty for a number of months, and oh my…I saw the inside and the office area, and the living area, dining area, the divider cupboard which was kind of funky but I liked it, and then…the kitchen!  That was it!  I loved the kitchen and the light in there!  The cupboard space was amazing!!!  I even liked the color!  It was so bright and airy looking.  Then…I saw the range!  How cool is THAT???  The agent sort of said yes, this is an old style range, like I was going to hate it.  But I started pushing buttons, and turning the light on, and told him this was right up my alley!  So while the guys walked around, I stood in the kitchen and said to the Lord and myself, is this the one?  I really love the comfort of this house.  Then the agent showed me the plans for the house that were still there!  VERY cool!

As we both walked around, we knew there was one other offer that had been presented, and countered.  We had already determined that if we offered aVintage Range contract on this house and the real appearance was at least close to the pictures of it, we would offer full price.  We made the decision that we would make an offer.  At this time however, the agent has gotten notice that another showing will happen the next morning.  We decide that we have to meet in the morning to do the contract.  The next morning we travel over an hour to the office to fill out the contract.  The agent gets another notification that the house is being shown.  We submit our contract.  Now, if they all put an offer in, we are competing with three other buyers!  Just to give some background… in all the years that my sweetheart and I have bought a home, the home we like can sit for months on the market.  Let us show ANY interest in the home, and all of a sudden there are multiple people and offers that come in.  Now we are sitting across the signing table and we both look at each other and roll our eyes.  It is happening again!  However, we leave the Harbor and I was feeling like we would get the house.  Just felt right.  However, on the way home, we get a call saying the agent is not presenting the offers (2 along with ours) today like he planned, but waiting until the next morning so the other offers can be considered.  Not only that, but the first buyer gets a courtesy call to say, “There are other offers and are you comfortable with your offer or would you like to change it?”  What?!?!?!  Wow!  It doesn’t matter what number you are in line anymore, you are just one of the offers to the seller.  I am just bummed.

Enter…the devil.  My attitude is, “Oh great!  Why do they do that?  If you have a contract that should be presented.  Especially since you are giving a full price offer with no requests.  It’s just all about the money.”  My hubby is rather bummed but pretty quiet.  The kicker here is, I had decided as we left the house that whatever happens, happens.   Why?  Because we had some backups by the ocean that we both liked.  Well…that just went out the window with the wind!  All the way home, that ol’ devil went to work.  I reminded myself of my attitude about, it is up to God and that I had the feeling this was the house.  So…leave it there.

We get home that evening and of course, me being me, I go in for a back up plan.  I once again, after hubby retired for the night, go to the internet and start looking.  Just in case I missed something.  So I am searching and all of a sudden, the Lord seems to tap me on the shoulder.  “Hummm…I seem to recall you were going to leave it with Me.  I gave you confirmation in your spirit that this home would be yours.  What are you doing????  Do you not trust Me?  Do you think I can’t give you that house?”  Now, if I was walking in faith with this decision, it would have been a BIG reminder and confirmation of what God can do, and has done for me many times over.  Do I stop?  I pause.  🙂 Does that count?????  Then all of a sudden I feel very tired and I close my computer.  I go to bed and try to rest.  I don’t sleep very well.  Eight hours pass…

Back of HouseIt’s the next morning and about 10 a.m. I get a phone call.  My agent gives me a big congratulations on being the owner of our new home.  I pass the phone to my hubby and let them talk.  I have an appointment.  I need to go to the Lord and praise Him for His faithfulness.  Once again, despite my lack of faith at times of trial, He has come through for me.  Is it because I’m “lucky”?  No.  I am blessed of the Lord.  He knows that I want to trust Him with everything.  I do.  But the real blessing is, He doesn’t shake His head at me, lift His hands, and tell me I’m hopeless.  Instead, He tenderly reminds me to trust Him and then shows me once again that He wants to give me the desires of my heart.

It isn’t easy to do what we feel we need to do.  There are family and friends who are happy for what makes us happy, but they were really hoping that happy was in this area close to where they live.  It really isn’t that far, but to them it is.  As God leads us, and if we want to really follow Him, He will take us to places we wouldn’t go on our own.  There is a reason and I know He will make it clear.

So today I am renewed in my spirit because God has shown me once again He cares about the little things and big things!  He can bring our contract to the top and win out other offers.  He can bring us around with a U-Turn to take us in the direction He wants us to go.  I can’t wait to sit out on my deck and write from there.  I can’t wait to sit at a yet-to-be purchased table and chairs, and enjoy my mocha and thank Him for all the glorious things He has done!  I will enjoy the quiet of our surroundings which we haven’t had in over three years.  I am learning that those times are worship for me.  Those times are necessary for me.  Consequently, I am very much looking forward to place of sanctuary.

Another blessing is the community God has put around you?  As I shared a bit of our journey of the house find on social media, I was overwhelmed by the well wishes, the encouragement, and the love Back Yardshown towards me and this endeavor.  That amazes me!  I am very thankful to my family and their understanding, to each reader who shares a moment here with me, and my friends who don’t want me to leave, but are happy for me anyway.  The dream is, I will have a dedicated guest room for visits.  Another best part????  The ocean.  I am thirty to thirty-five minutes to the ocean!  That has been a long standing dream of mine; to be close to the water.

I leave you with this: Don’t give up when the devil hits.  Kick him to the curb!  I want to share with transparency here on the blog with the hope that you will know that we all have those times of doubt.    It is what we learn FROM it that is important.  Keep pressing on.  He is making me strong!  God has given me my move to Bel Aire!  Who knows what is next?

Walking the journey with you…






4 thoughts on “Moving To Bel Aire!

  1. JoAnn, You have no idea how much I needed to read your blog today. We had another huge disappointment this week with a house that we fell in love with and thought it was THE ONE. But God has obviously said no and yes, I am greatly disappointed and went to my pitty party place for a moment, but then I was oh so gently reminded that He is still in control and watching out for us. Needless to say, we are back in the hunt but I have a more peaceful heart about this whole business. I know you will be a blessing to the community the Lord has placed you in!

    1. It is not an easy journey, but God has promised us He will be with us through it. That is whether we are in a house hunt, or anything else that comes up in our way. Praying for you and that God’s peace will be ever present in your daily walk, so that, you will know without a doubt, He is in control!

  2. JoAnn, I admit I am one of those friends that would love to have you move further north, because I love our times together. Even if you catch me doing things illegally in the Tulip Fields. I just want to let you know I appreciate your blog, your transparency and the encouragement from the words penned. We from Whatcom County love you and are so excited for where your next journey takes you. Yes we will have a sleepover once, you are settled in, and spend sometime exploring Bel Aire. Thank you dear lady for showing me the Father’s heart through your thoughtful insight and words. And most of all for encouraging us to keep pressing into the Father’s journey for each of us. Blessings and much love.

    1. Linda,

      You have been a blessing to me and I love your heart for the Lord. I also like that you just don’t care what others think about your relationship with the Lord and how you express it. God is pleased I’m sure. I do hope you can grab a car load and come on down and stay a night at the beach. I would come with you to the beach and have a BIG gab fest. Let’s do it. Or…a mini retreat????

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