Let There Be Light In Bel Aire!

Kitchen Dining Light What did you do on those beautiful sunny days we had?  At least for us in the Pacific Northwest, it is a real treat to experience nice warm days this early in Spring!  But for me?  These warm days created some more difficult working days.  I am still packing boxes for a move.  It got kind of warm to be doing that.

Thanks Dan Lien!

We have been up early every day; wrapping and packing everything in the house!  Our day lasts until around 9-10 p.m.  Makes for a very long day.  Most days I am doing pretty well.  Tired by the end of the day, but making it.  But I have had a couple of days that I have just crashed.  Most days, I have been so tired I could have laid down for a nap.  But instead, I rested my legs and got back up to pack some more.  All this while hubby is loading our old Land Rover up with boxes and items and driving them down to the storage unit and unloading them again.  This is our day everyday until April 29th when we will leave the “house on the hill” for the last time.  We leave our flowers, trees and all the improvements we have done to our home, behind.  Along with those emotions of leaving what we have built, we also have the anticipation of something new to us.  We can anticipate a fresh start.  Seek out what God has for us and why He has chosen this particular journey.  It’s not necessarily a fresh start, but the expectation feels the same.

As we have worked on the house and moving, it has meant moving all the items by our old Land Rover.  Now if you know about them, you know they do not have a large capacity to carry things, even with the seats down.  So it has been quite the challenge for us.  We have had to rent a storage unit to store our furnishings because we have a gap between closing on this home and getting into the next.  And then there is renting of the second storage unit.  And then the third!!!  IMG_3285We aren’t just storing extras friends, we are storing a household!  So, we make the move with all the boxes, and then we will have to move it all again to our new home.  Bubble wrap and stretch wrap are my best friends!!!!!  We were most fortunate to rent a small truck the other day and have some help with moving the large items.  I am now sitting very gingerly in my chair at the computer as I try to baby my back and left shoulder in order to type this post.  At this time, I can’t move my head to the left very far at all.  But God blessed us with a wonderful couple to help us and my son get it done!  God is good!  You should have seen the comedy act with Terry and I trying to load our mattress by ourselves.  It is not a stiff one.  Of course, I thought it might be wise to wait until my son could help, but hubby thinks he can do anything sometimes.  Of course through a series of what would have been hilarious strategies if I wasn’t hurting so much, we finally did get it in there.  By the time we were done, I hurt so bad that I just couldn’t go with him to unload.  I don’t even want to think of what it was like for him by himself!!  🙂  What can we say?  It has to get done.  Now you may be asking, “Why did you take your bed out so early?  Why not wait until the last-minute, since we are working hard and having a nice place to fall might be helpful?”  Yes.  Well…I wondered too.  Last night that left us with the floor.  It’s kind of hard when you are already hurting.  Today we get out the air mattress and it has a leak.  So we fix the leak, we hope.  But it has to rest for eight hours.  Where do we sleep tonight?  On the floor with every sleeping bag, afghan, and quilt that we have in order to have some cushion.  Yep!  This is life at the Shiley house!  Never a dull moment!  The 5:00 news report is, our closing has been put off for six more days!  So I guess that is good.  We have a place to hang out a few more days without paying rent, and a bit more to get it all out and cleaned.  Hopefully with an air mattress to rest on!

It’s a lesson in life, isn’t it?   We learn to trust Him for the next step when it isn’t clear what that step is or where that step will be.  For many weeks, we didn’t know where it was.  But even knowing where it is now, it is a big transition.  Going to a place that is not new to us, but we will still have to rebuild a life in a different city again.  Establish new friends and a church family.  We are fortunate enough to know what church we will attend, but so many changes and growth, that it will be like going to a new church again.  It is not always easy for us to step into the unknown with God, but it’s always a wonderful and rewarding experience to walk in obedience with Him.  He will do amazing things when He knows you are willing to leave your comfort zone to do what He asks you to do.  I get mad, exasperated, overwhelmed, and just plain grouchy sometimes.  Just so you know.  But I try to keep my eyes on the prize…getting through this, so that, we get to our new home.  I look forward to enjoying all this home has to offer, and using my creativity to make it uniquely ours!  Plus a few days at the ocean to rest up!

Back of House
Back of the house and back yard

When the tough times hit or the change turns into a challenge, hang in there, ask Jesus for help often and never forget to thank Him for even the little things that come along.  He orchestrates it all!  Even, and sometimes especially, the comedy situations we get ourselves into.  You never know but they are just so I can share them with you and give you a laugh so you can say, “Boy!  I’m glad its them and not me!”

On to Bel Aire!  Here’s to a retro/farmhouse living, and relaxing times on the deck!

Walking the journey with you…



2 thoughts on “Let There Be Light In Bel Aire!

  1. I agree, “Glad it is you and not me.” I am sure it will all work out well, just as you say. When you are all settled in you will forget how hard you worked. Be sure to take lots of pictures, even of the storage units, so you can track what great progress you are making.

    1. I will Barb. I haven’t been too good about it here at the house and I should have been. But I will do that. It is always good to see you made it and from what you have survived! Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

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