Heading Into The Curve



IMG_3332This has been quite the adventure as we close down the Shiley house here in Mount Vernon.  We are down to the last five days.  I have had back issues, slept on the floor, then on an air mattress that didn’t hold air, to finally last night, where we didn’t sink into the middle.  We actually rested better than the last week.  Of course with all that is going on, it couldn’t stop there.  Nope.  I had to get a sty on my right eye!  Challenges…it’s all in how we look at them.  However, with the help of essential oils that is almost gone!  So that was a blessing.  Don’t want to go out with that kind of thing!  But you know, when we look for the blessings, they are right in front of our eyes.  Many of them!  We had the buyers of our home ask for an extension which we gladly gave because we were nowhere near ready to be completely out.  We had a local clean up day where you could take anything and dispose of it.  WHAT a blessing that was at just the time we needed it.  I have also had wonderful friends who didn’t mind me invading their house to do a couple of loads of laundry so we have something to wear.  We had a couple who were a real blessing when it came to moving the large things out of the house!  So God has been ever-present to give us gifts just at the right time.  His timing is perfect!

IMG_3459_1I have learned to:

  • take short breaks
  • enjoy some quiet in the gardens
  • drink a mocha or a glass of cold ice tea
  • take a few moments to write
  • meet a friend for lunch.

It has helped keep my perspective where it should be and to also stay in thankfulness.  We need those reminders when things get a little rough.  I found myself wondering what a dress made out of bubble wrap might look like.  Ever thought of THAT?????  Add a little shrink wrap and some heat and it could really be something IMG_3452unusual!  I even started a group on Facebook for my relatives on my dad’s side of the family so we can share pictures and memories there.  Those younger than me didn’t have the experiences I did.  It’s fun to share them.  I share encouragement through social media as thoughts come to me.  It’s all a part of what keeps my focus in the right place.  Sometimes we have to start with the right attitude and God will add blessing to it.  There are times I have had to just close my mouth at times when I had a lot to say.  I have had to slow down because my back wouldn’t hold up if I didn’t.  For this task orientated lady, that can be hard.  I am learning more and more to listen to myself and ask why I might feel that way about something, and then ask God what He may be trying to help me see or learn regarding a situation.

So, as we approach the count down, I feel like we are heading into the curve.  We don’t know what is ahead.  We just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Adjust where we need to, and lean into the curve.  It reminds me of when I rode motorcycle.  If you are a rider and you go into a turn, you lean WITH the driver, not opposite.  A rider can cause an accident by not leaning with the driver of the motorcycle.  It feels like you might go over when you are both leaning.  But that is not true.  You lean in, accelerate into the curve, all the while leaning with the driver.  We can choose how much fun we have as we go into the curve.  We can throw our hands up in the air with frustration, or we can throw our hands in the air and shout for the fun of the curve.

It is both sad and exciting to leave our house on the hill.  Surprisingly enough, our new house will be up on the hill above the city also.  We are excited to see where God directs us and how we can make this our sanctuary and soft place to fall.  We are choosing to go into the curve with our hands in air, and laughing where we can, and holding on to each other while we lean into God until we round the curve on Friday.  There are always adjustments that we have to make in our lives; often daily.  We know we are going to have to adjust to the various differences in a new city, friends and family at a distance.  However it has always been my priority to stay in touch and keep family close.  I will continue to do just that!  But it also brings a new excitement and new vision to what we do with the rest of our lives.  When we trust God, who knows what comes next!  We know there is another curve in this road of life and it is just ahead of us.  But we know from this ride, we can trust Him to make the next curve more fun than the last!!

Walking the journey with you…



4 thoughts on “Heading Into The Curve

  1. I like your picture of the curve in the road. It is something we all understand. I enjoyed your description of riding the curve on a motorcycle. Another good example that your readers can see. I am excited to read about your changes as the two of you enter this next step in your life.

    1. I love that you read the blog and actually post your comments on the blog rather than FB. That makes me happy!!! I also love that you share your thoughts and give me feedback! I really appreciate it coming from you. Thanks for walking this journey out with me. You have been a blessing to me for years and so glad that the opportunity to meet come our way!

  2. Such a great metaphor, JoAnn. I desperately need to keep reminding myself to throw my hands up in the curve and seek His joy. Best of wishes in your new home!

    1. It takes an extra amount of effort at times, but always the way to go. As I sit here writing this, I’m looking at what still has to be done by tomorrow and I just can’t get into it. If I did, I would have no peace. So more than once today, I have thrown my hands in the air and said take it all Lord and most of it….to the garbage dump!!! 🙂

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