Home Sweet House

_DSF5504Tonight brings us to a local Hotel in the town we are moving to.  We are in the Hotel because first thing in the morning, we go into the Title Company and sign papers on our new house.  Yes.  House.  It won’t become a home until we are in it, making our house reflect what makes our house a home.

But let me back up a moment.  As I traveled down I-5 today, I enjoyed the view, taking a few pictures, and reading friends messages on Facebook.  In doing so, friends expressed sadness at my leaving the area and their feelings that it is too far away.  I understand that.  My thoughts go into a review my life in my previous home like a movie.  I saw the fun with family, friends stopping by, calls to take a ride together or have coffee together.  I too, will seriously miss that.  Change is always hard.  I am leaving what I know, and who I know.  I am leaving people who know me.  I am leaving some miles behind the most precious people …my family.  It is my hope that they will enjoy coming to the coast to see us, and enjoy some down time at the same time.  That is my momma’s hope.

IMG_3626As we drove into a city tonight, I’m thinking of our time living here from 2004-2008.  I’m not the same person that I was then.  God has changed me.  So as we check out what we remember, I am reminded of a new beginning with who I am now.  New perspective.  We look around and find the place we need to go to in the morning.  We get something to eat at one of our favorite pizza places. As the waitress brings me my Pepsi, it is a bit of comfort to enjoy not just a glass, but a beverage kraft filled with Pepsi along with my glass, so I don’t have to wait for a refill.  We take a bite of pizza and look at each other and say, “Yep, this pizza is still really good!”  So while I have left so much, there are small comforts that welcomed us to back to the area.  Oh yes!  And…Starbucks!!!

On the other hand, it is rather like when you go to a party and you don’t know anyone.  Maybe you walk in the room and go to a spot where you can observe for a while and ease into meeting someone.  I feel this way about our move.  I am in the spot where I am observing what’s around me now, and where I will fit in. I am telling myself to look with new eyes.

I think about our home, and realize I want to decorate our home in the same way.  Observe the life of myIMG_8252 house, the feeling of the house, and what is comfortable where.  Then, it will become our home.  So tomorrow brings the final step to owning our new house.  We will leave the signing office, after leaving part of our life savings on the table, and go set up our utilities.  Then, we will drive up to that house on Bel Aire and begin the wonderful journey of making it ours…a place where memories can be made.  God reminds me that conversations over coffee can still happen, and even though miles separate us, there are ways to stay in touch.  There are new friends to meet.  God has in His plans for me.

So…as the truck pulls up to our house on Saturday with our belongs, I am so thankful to have their help to take care of it all.  They will set it in place and put some of the things together for us.  What a blessing after all that we have been doing.  We will have already introduced ourselves to 522 Bel Aire Ave and I will pray and praise my way through the house, asking God to bless it, to give us a clean slate to start with, and ask for His guidance in making it a home where those who enter are happy they did!

Above all, we are thankful for all He has done, and all your prayers on our behalf.  Blessings!

Walking the journey with you…



8 thoughts on “Home Sweet House

  1. I’m so very happy for you and Terry. I know this has been a very long …and at times, painful road. I will be so thankful when we get to embark on a similar journey.
    We are here if you need our help….Sunday we will be in Longview but available any time before or after if needed.
    Love you my friend. ..
    Sleep well… Tammy

  2. Joann I am happy for you and love you dearly. Every time I read your blogs it fills a piece in my heart and gives me a little hope. Hugs, Cousin

    1. We are excited to get all settled in also. Just waiting on our Mount Vernon house to close now. So come next Wednesday, we will officially be in Aberdeen! I look forward to seeing you also! Thank you!

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