Transitions and Transformations

IMG_4075Is there a difference between these two words?  Can we have one without the other?  Transitions require some type of transformation, I think.  I have found that to be true over the last several months.  I have been sharing the journey of a particular storm in my life; selling our home, buying another home, and moving.  One decision has led to many more decisions to be made, and it has not been a very smooth transition.  I have had to ask God many times to transform my attitude to match the opportunities.  But, I am inclined to think that these words kind of equal each other; Transition = Transformation.  (By the way, SO glad to be back where I have internet service so I can post!!)

IMG_4082Last Friday, we signed papers and moved into our new house on Bel Aire.  That big 18 wheeler pulled up to our new house and the three of them went to work preparing to off load our belongings.  Terry unlocked the door and we walked through the door into our new house.  I found myself walking through once again, envisioning how I can make it our own.  As I look around, I see all the little worts that come with a home that has a history.  Some of our fun discoveries were:

  1. We decide to hook up our washer and dryer to wash some clothes only to find that it has the old type of plug receiver.  No clothes washing today.
  2. We found hot water on the cold water side in the bathroom sink.
  3. The door to the bathroom is kind of in the way of things and a pocket door would have been better.
  4. And plugs ins????  Where in the world are they?
  5. Oh yah…lighting in the living room?  Maybe we can use floor lamps for lighting IF we could find a place close enough to plug them in.
  6. How about the front door handle breaks when you go to open the door?

Hahaha!!!  Yep transitions can be discouraging.  But, as you change the things you can change, then the transformation of the house makes its appearance into the home you love being in.  And…did you see it?  Get a load of that key, will you?  I was quite excited to find that gem to make my house key.  Even has the red front door that I want to eventually have for our new home.  Always wanted a red front door.

We had a neighbor couple come over and introduce themselves while we were unloading the truck.  In fact, they invited us to a BBQ lunch!  So cool!!  What a wonderful surprise!  They live right next door, and I think I will really enjoy our new neighbors!  Other items on our list began with learning our new neighborhood, and how to get back and forth to our home. The Lime Squeeze was more than happy to take us around and introduce us to where things are in the city of Aberdeen.  A lot has changed in the area and it was fun to catch up.  So yes, we had and will have, a big transition as we settle into a different area.  We also welcomed our very first guest to our home.  That was fun to reconnect with her!  Along with the fun stuff comes the hard stuff.  However, it will transform me as an individual, and us as a couple, if we are willing to allow it in our lives. It may mean biting our tongue regarding what we think it has to be, to instead think about a new way that might be better.  If we are willing to walk through the transition with grace,  we can actually begin to see the transition transforming us!

IMG_4097That is my goal in our new home.  I want to welcome transition.  I want to welcome the transformation that God will make in my life if I’m willing to cooperate with His plan.  I want to be flexible to move in such a way that I will always be positioned to be used of God.  I also want to align myself in such a way that I am a light to those around me.  God has certainly given me many gifts with this house, not only to give me enjoyment, but to be a blessing to others.  Some of those gifts are:

  • Quiet
  • A deck to enjoy it all
  • Peaceful atmosphere
  • A cabin/farm/retro house on the hill
  • Close to the ocean
  • Close to the water and harbor in town
  • Dedicated office room for me
  • Space enough for books for hubby
  • Office space for hubby to study and for audio listening
  • More square footage
  • Very nice yard

I believe when we have the privilege of owning a home, we should make it something that reflects our thankfulness and our love of life.  I love having things in my home that remind me of my history, my family, my photography, and my friends.  Great way to pray too.  You see the item, you pray for the people, or their family.  I have a walking prayer journal in my house!  Enjoy some of the pictures I included!  I have Norwegian touches throughout my home.  That is my heritage.  It speaks to me.  I have red wood apple sitting on the shelf that was made in Honduras on my mission trip there.  There is a wooden shoe with the Norwegian flag on it.  A wooden spoon from Norway.  One of my favorite pictures that I took at a produce stand.  My son made the small table out of an old bench we had, the red and white stool reminds me of my grandma.  The toalett sign was a gift from my cousin in Norway.  I love the ocean so I have a few things around the house that remind me of my love for the water.  The retro clock is my love of old treasure, and the phone was a find on a trip my hubby and I made together.  I remember those experiences, and I experience the love every time I look at them.  That my friend, is legacy.

Started with a little decorating in the kitchen.  That wall just called for something cozy.  I have a way to go yet, but it will come together!
Yes…wallpaper!  That will change-up  soon, but in the mean time, I will make it work with the colors that are there!
Color is off just a bit but this retro wall clock looks perfect in this kitchen!
Our beautiful back yard that we can’t wait to clear out and have some fun with…what about a hot tub???  Oh yah!
My wonderful find on one of our trips.  It just feels right in this 1951 home on Bel Aire!

So you can see why we are very excited about the ideas that we have to make this house our home, and hope to start them all soon!  We are currently hovering in the Mount Vernon house, clearing last few things out that we have used here, and then we will clean our way out, and sign final papers next week by Wednesday or possibly earlier.  Not sure.  We have had so many “not sure” moments in this transition, that we can’t count on anything.  Transition requires trust.  No doubt about that.  I should clarify that it is our goal to be a one home owner only by Wednesday.  Our next step is to head down I-5, loaded with the rest of our belongings, to transform the house on Bel Aire into our home.  That brings joy to my heart!   Stay with me and come back and visit again to see the house God gave us, transform into the home where He is guest of honor.  The idea that I can see a light at the end of this VERY long tunnel is something I am going to celebrate… in the BIGGEST way you can imagine!

However, before I leave this post, I want share something I have been wrestling with in hopes it will help you.  It deals with the idea of transition and transformation.  There is a struggle that has come to light in me through this transition to transformation, and that is a critical spirit rising up in me.  The Holy Spirit has really been addressing this in my life during this time of trial.  I know I can get testy when I am tired, I know that I have a few tendencies towards OCD on somethings and I can’t stand it until it is fixed.  (NO!  Not me, right?)  For example, a picture that is a little off on the wall can not stand.  I have to move it.  But back to the critical spirit.  I can even find myself thinking, “If that person wasn’t critical of me, or do things that aren’t right, then I wouldn’t have a tendency to be critical of them.”  Ok.  Maybe that is true, but it doesn’t make it right.  It doesn’t give me the right to respond in that way.  It doesn’t matter what the situation is, I am responsible for my own behavior and thoughts.  When I am being critical, I find that it really isn’t going to help the situation, or even change it.  It only brings hurt and offense.  My harsh words or attitude, or even talking about it to myself or someone around me, isn’t changing it.  And…I know only God can change that in the other person(s), and they have to be willing to cooperate.  So the same applies to me.  If I don’t want to lean toward a critical spirit, then I need to acknowledge that I have it, and cooperate with the Holy Spirit to change that in me.  I believe He has been tapping my shoulder a lot lately about this.  But sometimes, the way I FEEL, takes over what I know to be right.  I may have to close my mouth when I want so bad to say something.  I have to replace my critical words that so easily can come out of my mouth.  So… through this transition, where I have had so many trials to deal with, I believe God wants me to change, turn around, or start again, and then, allow Him to transform my mind and thinking in this area.  If I am willing to repent of a critical spirit, willing to start over, then I will see the transition change me.  God will enable me to live this out more and more in my daily life.  This is how I see transition and transformation working together.

Do you want to know why I think I needed to share this?  Because this was one of the harder posts for me to write.  It’s fun to talk about the house.  But when God uses something you look forward to, and leads you into an area that is hard to face, then you know He has something for you to say no matter how hard it is to say it.  So I hope that your life is touched and changed by my being transparent about my struggle in this area.

What transition are you going through?  Is it making you angry, or are you letting it transform you to make you, a better you?  I am stepping into a new house, a new community, new friends, and new opportunities to change my environment.  I already feel it in that house.  I want to allow this transition to totally transform me, my home, my walk with God, and the legacy I leave behind.  How do you see transition and transformation in your life?  How do you deal with it?  What are you willing to be transparent about so that you can live a transformed life today?  It’s not easy.  I know that.  It isn’t easy for me to share that about myself.  I don’t want to think I may have a critical spirit either.  But, apparently I have some work to do.  We all do.  May God help you to that end.

Walking the journey with you…




4 thoughts on “Transitions and Transformations

  1. JoAnn, your transparency touches my heart! I have been through changes as with the deaths in of 3 siblings in the last year and 3 months. I am clinging to my Lord as tightly as I can and not asking Him why, it really doesn’t help anyway. A bright spot in my day is my granddaughter’s wedding!! Just wanted to say I love you and am blessed to have you for a friend!

    1. It is hard to go through those rough roads and I’m so thankful that I have God to go through them with me, and He has given me some awesome friends!! I pray that you feel His presence in a BIG way and that we can soon have coffee again! I pray blessings over your granddaughter’s wedding and day! I love you too my friend!! Prayers up! Thanks for reading and feel free to share the post with anyone you think may benefit from it.

  2. Thanks for sharing the journey you are going through, and your thoughts. Life changes every day, it is how we react to it with God’s help that matters.

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