Advent ~ Love

Advent ~ Love
I received a gift in the mail yesterday and thought it fit perfectly with my ornament postings. One side says Merry Christmas and the other side has a key hole and a key that fits into it.
What could this mean for Advent? Because of the love of God for us, He sent His Son. He loved us enough to send His one and only. Jesus later loved us enough to die a horrible death so that we might live. That is love and grace extended.
The heart shape reminds me that it is my heart that I need to keep open, and not give my key away. This key represents the perfect key to fit into my heart. It won’t fit your heart, but it does fit mine. We are unique; each of us. The gifts and talents He gives to you, aren’t the same as He gives to you friends, or sister, or brother. So… don’t look around you and feel “less than”, but remember that what you do is who YOU are. Don’t be jealous in your heart for something someone else has, or the way they decorate, or the material possessions they have. This Advent Season is for you to decide how you open your heart to what and who is around you.
Be a giver. Buy the car behind you their ordered drink. Give a person who has a heavy load a place in line ahead of you. Send a note. Make a phone call, or text. But let this heart spur you on to share more love today! Keep your key handy to open your heart to His leading. His key is the perfect fit for the door of your heart, but only you can insert the key! Get your key!!!
When Jesus comes in, He will save you from sin, BUT YOU must open the door…
Until next time…

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