Advent ~ New Expectation

Advent ~ New Expectation
I came across these ornaments today and thought of the window scape that I made with them in my home prior to coming to where we live now. It’s a little bit old and a little bit new.
The burlap reminds me of old times…times of feed sacks, animals; rather a farm-house look. The plaid ornaments remind me of a new way of decorating the Christmas ornaments; an old idea made new.
We are like that especially at Christmas. We bring the traditions to our families, but we also may be making new traditions with our families too. We have expectations of the taste of the goodies that we know, but we may be anticipating something new also. We have anticipation of the gifts we will receive, or just the fact that our family will be together, and all the fun we will have.
But sometimes, we have feelings of expectation and we aren’t even sure why we feel that way. There is a shift in us that we don’t quite understand. We aren’t sure what to think, or possibly, we are even a bit nervous that we don’t KNOW exactly.
I think that the people felt the same way about the birth of Jesus. The had been told a King would come, but a baby a King? Doesn’t look like anyone they would consider a King…from parents such as Joseph and Mary? However, God has His own plans and they don’t look like ours. It’s always a challenge to believe what we don’t quite understand. It may mean a period of being uncomfortable on our part to get through and beyond to the place where we are supposed to be, and understand why we are here.
Embrace the gift of the child for what it means then, and now. I look at this window and realize it was perfect for that space. Anyone who came to our house would see the window driving up and walking up to the door. It won’t look the same here in this house. My window is at the back of the house. No one will see it but us, or unless someone comes to visit and comes in the kitchen. But it will still be beautiful to me, just different then this vision.
God is just that” individual” with us. He will change the circumstances around us, and our heart toward it. To burlap, sparkles and expectation!
What Child Is This…while shepherds watch are keeping…
Until next time…

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