Advent ~ Seen Through the Eyes of a Child

Advent ~ Seen Through the Eyes of a Child

Have you ever been with a child and noticed they can zero in on a toy or something they want for Christmas out of shelves and shelves of toys? They have laser focused vision.

I was in a thrift store one day here in my town and there was several bags of ornaments and other things all in ziplock bags. My eyes went immediately to this particular bag out of all of them because I

saw these ornaments in there. Five of them. There was a lot of other stuff I didn’t want, but I did want the ornaments!! I was very excited about them. The bag was stapled shut so you couldn’t see everything but I was happy getting these ornaments.

When I got home and displayed them, I went through the bag and at the bottom of the bag was a black Cross pen and pencil set with its own leather holder. Another score. It was like Christmas for me!!

Sometimes our most unexpected gifts come when we aren’t expecting them. They may come from the most unlikely places too! I would like to think that I look at the time of year with this idea…where is it I am to be a blessing,? It’s not just what I receive. Maybe I am to be someone else’s’ unexpected gift. What do you think?

…Bearing gifts we traverse afar…

Until next time…



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