Advent ~ Cozy Warmth

Advent ~ Cozy Warmth
Remember those younger days when winter came to visit and it got very cold to play outside? The first thing my mom would say if I wanted to go outside was, “You better put something on your hands so you stay warm.” Maybe you are saying that same thing now to your children or grandchildren. My family didn’t have a whole lot when I was young and so sometimes that “something warm” on my hands was my dad’s wool work socks; maybe two pair! But it worked for quite a while. If we got mittens at some point, they were a gift, and they were also handed down to the child below us when we outgrew them. Share and share alike, you know. Pass down the blessing. 😉
This ornament reminds me of those times. It represents warmth to me; not just for my hands, but the warmth of our homes; lights and candles, the warm in our hearts as we share time together. At my house as a child, it was also music. My dad would take out his harmonica and play a few Christmas songs. I remember feelings proud that my dad could play all sizes of harmonicas. He even had a mini that he could play! Blessed times.
It’s not about how fancy everything is. Think about it…the wisemen came and shared time with baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, in a stable with animals around them. I doubt they smelled the stable smells…they were into the moment…seeing the Christ Child they had heard so much about. Excited to see the scripture fulfilled. And then… offering their best gifts.
Keep the season simple and share the warmth of your home and heart. That is what is most important…your warm, cozy home and heart.  Enjoy the sweet soft lights of Christmas!
Come home, come home! Ye who are weary come home…
Until next time…

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