Advent ~ Give a Coat

Advent ~ Give a Coat
I’m sorry to have missed my post for yesterday. Got interrupted by the needs of someone else here at home. And…that’s ok.
I love this sweet vintage coat ornament. It reminds me of doll clothes when I was young. I would have loved to have had a coat like this as a little girl. So cute.
But it also reminds me of the love that we are asked to share EVERY day with those around us. And that includes those who may need a coat to go along with the mittens of the last post. It’s a cold time of year and many are without a warm home to go to. So it’s a great time to share Christmas with someone who might need a sweatshirt or coat to keep them warm. Make it a family project.
Wear Jesus in your heart so they see Jesus in your actions…and share a coat. Share the story of the Season that Jesus loves them and provides for them. Be His hands and feet. He knows what its like to be outside in the elements of the night.
Silent Night, Holy Night…
Until next time…

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