Advent ~ Open Doors

Advent ~ Open Doors
I loved finding this ornament several years ago because to me at the time, it represented my home; especially my office. Today in this home, it represents my cabin/office. It represents invitation, welcome, and expectation of what is to come. I wrote JoAnn’s Studio on the picture to personalize it for me. (And Mail on the mail slot :)) It is my study place, reading spot, my creative space, and my escape.
Did you know that Doors are one of the languages of God? So this year that made me excited when I saw this ornament in my box. I decided to use it to share. Maybe during this Season of Advent/Christmas, it is sadness, or fear of the future, or not knowing, or maybe unanswered prayer that makes you keep the door of your heart closed. Satan likes to get us discouraged, I think, especially this time of year because He knows if we catch the real meaning of this Christmas Season, and live by it, we will be changed for more than this few days of December!
What ever it is, swing wide the door and welcome it! Don’t fear it. If you are a believer than the Holy Spirit is IN you! That means we have nothing to fear. Just call on Him and He will answer. He gave us the Holy Spirit to be in us, so we can call on the Holy Spirit to take over the situation. Trust Him…answer the knock…open the door.
When Jesus comes in, He will save you from sin, but YOU must open the door…
Until next time…

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