Advent ~ Friends

Advent ~ Friends
This ornament hangs on my tree because of a friend that shared it with me as a Christmas Gift. I love it for many reasons…its red, it reflects wonderful light, and it is LeCreuset, which I love cooking with, and also because of the thoughtfulness of the gift. But most of all, I love it because it is from a very dear friend.
Friends are important to me. Because of that, I try to be the best friend I can back to them. This ornament reminds me that this time of year is a time to be grateful for all God has given to me, and friends and family are tops on my list! My friends have seen me through a LOT! I also have been with them through a LOT! What a blessing and treasure it is to have them in my life! So… when I see something on my tree that they have shared with me, or I use something they have given me, my heart is full. Every. Time.
Remember your friends at Christmas. A special hand written note to tell them how much you appreciate them. A phone call if you haven’t talked in a while. We never know where they are at in their life. It may look fine from the outside, but there may be some real tough stuff going on in the inside. Your note, or call, or cookies, or visit, may be just what they need to lift their spirit. God is timely like that… He will bring them to mind. Don’t just say, “Yes I should….”. Do the thing! It’s the time of giving…giving of yourself is FREE!
Lean on me, when I’m not strong. I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on. (It isn’t a hymn or chorus, but perfect just the same).
Until next time…

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