Advent ~ Traditions

Advent ~ Traditions
This Scandinavian heart was my first Norwegian ornament. I was fascinated by how they were formed, and then of course, I like hearts too, so it was perfect for me. I was quite young when I got it. It is on my tree every year.
Traditions are activities we do that are special to us. They are ways to celebrate our heritage and our family life. We grow up with them. If asked, we all have traditions that were part of our growing up years. You may have chosen to make your own as you got older. But they are a part of our lives all year-long, but especially meaningful to us on holidays.
You see, some are given to us over and over. Some we see later in our lives and so we incorporate them into our lives. Here are just a few of mine:
~Christmas Eve is Lutefisk and usually ham for non Lutefisk eaters.
~Lefse is served.
~I make traditional krumkaker, which is my favorite.
~Other traditional cookies and goodies.
~I have a wood piece with advent drawers for 25 days of Christmas.
~I always enjoy setting a cozy table scape.
~I have a Santa and Mrs Santa that my mom painted but never finished and I display it each year.
~We always toast of thanks with special cider before we eat.
~We open Christmas presents on Christmas Eve.
We don’t go all out on each other for gifts. Often times, it is something we can do for the person. Christmas Eve is the special celebration for us.
~Easy and lazy morning Christmas Day and usually at home.
~I have candelabras that are in two of my windows, since I only have two so far. This is something I finally found in the last few years and started with one and I hope each year to add one so I have it for all the windows.
~I’m big on candles, so I have several lit throughout my house.
~I put up my dad’s Christmas Tree every year and light it.
~The smell of pine in the house.
~It’s become hard to do now but I used to make Kringler cookies and we all sat at the table and rolled and made them.
~I also make Chinese Noodle Chocolate/Butterscotch cookies that if I don’t make, the guys ask where they are.
Those are just a few from my house. Fun memories. Traditions are good for us. Don’t be afraid to start new ones either! It can be hard during this season also for those of you who are alone, or lost a loved one, because of the traditions you enjoyed together. That’s ok. In the future, you may find you are able to come back to some of those traditions. Also, if your normal traditions seem like it’s too much to do, make a new one that is easier to do this year. Sometimes it is the most simple things that your family remembers. Start something new with your family, and they will take that with them when they have their own place. Quiet your soul so that you can enjoy Christmas… that is for what it means to you right now, this year. It is such a wonderful time to be thankful for all He has done.
It’s your story. Pass it along, not just in the doing but in the telling of why it is a tradition. Think about what you are doing as your traditions and then share how it came to be or why you have chosen to keep the tradition. We each have a story…don’t forget to tell yours!
Until next time…

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