Keep Moving Forward

IMG_0227That title has some special meaning to me of late.  Why?  Because we are moving, and we hope that we are moving forward into a better situation for our fun years!  It is sometimes hard to navigate those seasons of change.

Actually, it’s very hard.  I have always been a person who could do whatever needed to be done, and not have repercussions from that activity.  Now, I am at a season of life that is more simple, but it also means that I have to acknowledge within myself that I can’t do certain things like I used to…such as, lift heavy things, pack boxes all day long every day and bend over the boxes, or even sitting down on the floor to be more comfortable.  And then…try to gracefully get up.  Life changes.  Our bodies don’t accept abuse anymore; it tells you about it.  Sometimes in a loud voice.  So how do I handle this challenge?

Just like I do with every thing else…I keep moving forward.  I am excited about the change.  I know my hubby will be more comfortable with having only boxes to go through rather than upkeep in a yard that is too much to handle, or steps that cause him to breathe heavy.  It’s an adjustment.  We have to acknowledge limitations and how that changes our future.  It doesn’t mean we sit back and do little; it means we lean into this season of life with gusto!  We have freedom to live our lives out the way God intended for us at this season of life.  Just because it looks different to us, doesn’t mean God isn’t in it.  OR, that He doesn’t provide, because we have seen him provide for us over and over again!

IMG_0204So when I think I can’t pack another box, I stop for a while and give my back a rest.  We get away from it for a mocha or ice tea.  We ask God to give us the strength to keep going, and smooth the way for us.  I take out my notebook and plan decor for our new home.  That always lifts my spirit.  What will be the name of our new place?  How do I want it to look?  We have always moved what we had and made it work for our home.  This time, we want to invest in items that fit this home in particular.  That will be very enjoyable for me!

So… I was sitting for a minute and reflecting that it is less than 13 days before we are being loaded up!  We will be heading to our Boon Street Bungalow. With a name like Boon, I thought I would refresh my memory on the definition of Boon.

  • boon
  • bo͞on/Submit
  • noun
  • a thing that is helpful or beneficial.
  • “the navigation system will be a boon to both civilian and military users”
  • synonyms: blessing, godsend, bonus, plus, benefit, advantage, help, aid, asset

I believe I will add strategic to this definition too because I see God’s handiwork as very strategic in this change.  And…we have submitted to this plan even though it has been hard. Not long now…but the process has not been easy.  However, when does the devil EVER make things smooth for us…NEVER.  I had to come to a point where I hit my RESET BUTTON.  It was necessary.  I was stressing over something I could do nothing about.  I can’t change how people do their jobs, or the personalities of those involved.  I can only prepare us AS IF all is well and moving forward.  I trust God is in this move and so I must also trust Him to take care of all the details.  Would I like answers?  You bet.  We in fact do not even know for sure that our house appraisal has passed!  We are 13 days out from this day!  But God…  UPDATE:  we just got a verbal response only, but they said it was ok.

IMG_0230So… October for us is a change of season not just in weather, but in our lives.  This was a “suddenly” in our lives.  We had to adapt.  We have this idea that we have to know all the answers ahead of time.  God’s timing isn’t like that at all.  So will I believe Him?  Will I trust Him?  Yes I must.  I have experienced too much of His grace and provision to ever think He won’t take care of this also.  October 15th, I will look forward to your success in this venture.  I pray over our Bel Aire home for the next owner, and that this home gives them as much joy as it has given us.  I am thankful for all the wonderful handiwork that my son did in this home to make it special for his folks.  Bless him Lord for that.  It gave us an edge in this market.  See, God is in ALL the details!


So it is exciting to think about a new place to make our home.  A feeling of… you guessed it… koselig.  Can’t wait for that!  That is one of my happy places…making my home a place others like to be, as well as, how we want it to be.  So watch for the updates as we make our way North come October 15, 2018! God has something in mind, and we are open to His leading.  As a song lyric goes, we don’t what the future holds, but we know Who holds the future!  He invited us to follow Him.  I said yes when I was 8 years old.  I have never looked back.  Walking with Jesus is a process, but one that always leads to our best.  I am placing my obedience at His feet as an offering.  The rest is up to Him.

Until next time…



10 thoughts on “Keep Moving Forward

  1. Welcome to my world!
    When you go to Costco in Bellingham you will be 5 minutes from my home!

    I am not likely to drive to Sumas to see your new place.
    I do drive as far as Lynden. If you want to give me a ride from Lynden to your new home when you are all settled I will be happy to visit.

  2. I love what I get out of your blogs and somehow I just know this one will be a real cozy knook. You will be so close to where Grandma Dorthy and Great Grandma Cassils are buried. My two favorite ladies. Keep leading Cousin keep leading. I’m following behind.

  3. I’m excited to hear about your journey north! I look forward to seeing beautiful images of WA and maybe CA. 🙂 Still working here in VA to make it home sweet home but it’s coming along. That ‘age thing’ really has slowed us down.

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