Gotcha Moment

IMG_1089Have you ever had one of these times where you know God is showing you a video on a day in the life of yourself?  Here is a humbling one for me that I will share with you.  Sometimes sharing my mistakes may help you not make the same ones.  🙂

I had a package that I needed to get mailed today.  I went to the local post office here to mail this package to Norway.  There weren’t too many people so I thought I could do well to get in and out.  I went to the counter to get the proper paper work to fill out (I hate filling out those custom forms), filled out the form I normally use, and then waited in the line.  When I got to the counter, he told me it was over the weight limit for that form, so he gave me another one to fill out instead.  So…one more time I go back to the counter to fill this one out.

IMG_1254He allowed me to come back to the front of the line with the second paper work.  I then paid for the postage and completed the transaction.  Happy to have that done, I went out to the car to go home.  When I got in the car, I didn’t see my cell phone with me!  I looked in my purse, and didn’t see it.  You know how it is ladies.  What do you do next?  You dump it all out on the seat just to make SURE you didn’t miss it.  Well…I didn’t miss it.  It just wasn’t there.  I was sure I had my phone with me…I always do when I go out.   However, it just wasn’t in my purse or the car.  So I went back in and looked around.  Now, I was SURE I remembered setting it on top of my box to fill out the second paper.  So since it hadn’t been turned in, I thought someone must have taken it.  I tried calling it from my watch, the PO worker even called it for me so I could go out in the car and see if it dropped there.  Nothing.

On the way home, I’m in tears and telling God, “Isn’t this just wonderful that I have a new phone that isn’t completely paid for, and then,  You let someone take it.  So nice to know I am being watched over, right?”  And I thought, I even knew who it might have been who took it. So I got home, closed the door rather hard, and then tried once more to remember how I ping my phone with my watch.  Stress kinds of makes us forget the simple steps at times.  So doesn’t being stupid.

Success.  I got it!  And… guess what????  I hear my phone “ping”.  I hit it again. “Ping”.  I follow the sound…

IMG_1084.pngI had left it at home on the kitchen counter!  Amazing how I “saw” it on my box.  I even had someone lined up to blame.  I am in to judgement now.  Now I had a BIG forgiveness times two. to ask God to for.  I could have just asked him in the first place to help me and He may have gently reminded me, or I could have asked to have peace about it and ask Him to allowed it to BE at home.  Nope.  I went off in fear and worry and accusations.

Boy am I thankful for a forgiving God who graciously shows me…

“So, JoAnn…how was that lesson in the real world of JoAnn?  Did you pass?”

“Nope, Lord I sure didn’t.”

Does He forgive me?  He sure does!  For both my judgmental attitude, and my jumping to conclusions.  Thank you Lord for my phone being safe at home, and for the BIG lesson you once again showed me regarding my sin nature.  Walking in forgiveness…

Until next time…



3 thoughts on “Gotcha Moment

  1. Ah, I do this waaay too often. 😦
    And yes. Incredibly thankful that the Lord forgives me on all counts. 🙂
    You are a beautiful sister-in-Christ and I appreciate your transparency.

  2. It is like me & keys, trying to remember which pants pockets they are in. Getting out of the car I check my pockets twice before locking the car.
    I’m glad you found your phone. 😇

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