A Christmas Assignment

This morning as I opened up a writing group that I am a part of, we were asked to write about the Christmas lights both inside and outside. So I sat in front of my fireplace with my iPad and my mocha, and enjoyed writing this short assignment. I hope it brings joy to you!

On this yet another rainy day, I’m sitting in front of my fireplace with a nice fire burning and enjoying the lights of Christmas, while in the background I hear my grandparents old clock ticking time away in the background. Inside on my small modest little tree and treasures, it lights my world with joy! I can also easily look out my window and see my front porch adorned with white lights and a splash of color right at the entry steps. It brings unspeakable joy to my heart. I think it is because it reminds me of Christmas in the past, where as a little girl, we didn’t have much but we were rich in love and giving. I loved Christmas as a little girl and all the wonderful smells of the Christmas tree and decorations adorning the tree. You see, my tree has some of those same ornaments today. I have always loved lights, candles and reflective light. So every time I see the lights of many colors surrounding me, I am brought back to a time of comfort and thankfulness for all God has done and the home from which I came. When I light my home for Christmas, inside or out, I am announcing the joy of the Christmas Child born to eventually save ME. How could I look at Christmas lights and not be the most grateful woman on earth? I could not, and I do not. I let the lights surrounding me bring joy to me and everyone who enters my home. It is my way to share what this Season means to me. So as I sit here looking at those very lights, I say thank you to God for sending His Son, and that the joy of that Star long, long ago on that day, still shines in and around my life and home today.

So…enjoy the lights of Christmas that is around you and be sure to make some of your own. I think it is more important than ever for us to create joy in our hearts and homes. God bless you this Christmas. Turn on the lights and enjoy them all day and evening! Merry Christmas!

Until next time…



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