Prevail in 2021

As this year comes to a close, and a page is ready to turn in the new book of 2021, I always look forward to turning the page. As I do, I ask God to put a word on my heart for the new year. As always, He does. This year, my word is…PREVAIL. Wow! What a word to be given with all that is going on in our world right now. But let me share with you my process as I thought about this word. I want to share some of the definition:

verb: prevail

  1. prove more powerful than opposing forces; be victorious.”it is hard for logic to prevail over emotion”

    win; triumph; be victorious; carry the day; succeed; conquer; overcome; gain/achieve mastery; reign
  2. be widespread in a particular area at a particular time; be current.”an atmosphere of crisis prevails”

    be present; hold; be prevalent; be the order of the day; be established; abound; hold sway; endure; survive; persist; established.

So… when I started researching this word, it became quite exciting to me because I wasn’t all that excited when it first came up. To me, it mean enduring the hard, or pressing on in spite of…that kind of perspective. I thought oh no! It is hard enough without that! But as I read the word’s meaning, a new encouragement came into my spirit. I mean, look at some of those words to describe Prevail! Well…let’s look together at it more closely.

I make goals each year, as I have shared before, and pray over them. As the year progresses, I highlight when it has been answered or provided for. It helps me see what God is doing in my life at a glance and reminds me of His love for me. I am in the process now of writing them out. But this word helps me to see that I need to work on staying the course no matter what I am feeling. If I do that, pray over situations, I can succeed, I can conquer the doubts or fear, I can overcome obstacles and achieve mastery over emotions and hard times and take back the reigns of my life with God’s help. If I stay in the present instead of looking too far ahead with our world right now, I can enjoy and be in the moment and not let a crisis hang around and bring me down. I love the definition of “hold sway”! That speaks to me. It reminds me of a sailing term where you have to stand fast and hold the sails to survive the high seas. So…I will stand strong and not let the waves of despondency take over when I feel helpless to do anything. Sometimes, I think that is where God wants me. If I then hear His voice, He may be asking me to move out of the way so He can work. This word tells me I can survive anything if I persist. I can establish myself in a firm stance and prevail! Hold sway!

Made the ornament and it will hang across from my desk so I see it every day.

Now…isn’t that a word to encourage?!?!??? I think so. I am excited to see what God does in my life this next year. I have done a lot of this in the last year already and I believe God is telling me to stay the course. Keep doing what I am doing only gain more trust, persist in relationships, be there for those who need it, and make sure I am filling myself up with the things that bring me joy and deepen my relationship with Him. Clean up my surroundings, so that, I am not distracted by that which keeps me from doing what I am supposed to be doing.

Wow! A New Year and a new word! The pages of 2021 are empty and waiting! Let’s turn the page and begin writing this year’s story with confidence. Turn off the TV. Do what you enjoy. Keep the faith. Get back to basics. Love on each other. Go beyond anything you have done so far just to see God open doors He may have never opened yet for you. But in trust, He says, “You are ready now!” Go do what I have for you to do! And…prevail!

My leading photo is is one I took recently and a good reminder of this word. The road won’t always be straight as in the picture, but I can trust Him to lead me on to the end. I may find myself off track and in the ditch at times, or I may have mountains and hills to climb, but He will give me the strength to previal if I ask Him to. I also need His power within to keep going, sometimes MUCH more than others. Life is NOT fun sometimes. How well I know that. I get to start off my year with a repair to my nose…once again. However, there is something He is teaching me in the process that when I get it, I will see His hand working in me. In that I know I can trust. Teachable moments just like we use with our children is also valuble to us as adults. God is willing to continue to teach us if we are willing to listen. You see, I won’t move forward or learn something new if I just look in front of me at my current circumstances only. That helps no one. However, looking toward a mountain or a hill, or even in a ditch and asking God to move it or me, to help me climb it, or show me a way around it, that is to prevail in the best sense of the word; that is victory! But also, realize there is a beauty to be seen even in the mountain before us if we are aware and look, just as in the message of this picture! Looking beyond what you see to what you can learn from it.

I was watching a movie last night and she gave a very truthful statement that was so profound that I had to stop the movie and write it down:

“People want to change the past, so they can remember what it is they want to remember.” As you go into this next year, look at your life in the truth of today and change what is today so that you live tomorrow how you want to live. Take her advice.

Never give up! Stand strong and hold sway!

Until next time…



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