Mountain Top Experience

You know by now that I love a fun adventure; something different or go someplace new. Travelers2 are east of the mountains this weekend and we were looking at houses. One of the houses was high up a mountain road with a 360 degree view of the mountain range and a lake below when you reached the top where the home sat. Absolutely gorgeous view. We were in for an adventure. The adventurous part was that this home and property was at least 3+ miles up the mountain! We had to drive in and down and all around in snow and ice, with a few spots of the gravel here and there to assist us on the road up. Now… that would be fun with a four wheel drive or all terrain tires, however, we were in our Ford Fusion sedan with street tires only. The fun begins. We managed to slip and slide all the way up! I enjoyed the views as we went and Terry was too busy driving to see what I saw.

We arrived at the top of the driveway safely behind our realtor in his little Ford Focus, and turned into the driveway. I said, “We better not go down there. Let’s see if we can back up while tires are in a little gravel on the left side. Another fact, our car is front wheel drive so doing that didn’t mean it would even work for us. We might be too far into the downward slope. So… with a prayer on my part, he did put it in reverse and we backed up slowly to the road and parked. Success!!! Our young realtor had gone down all the way to the house. In a few minutes the owner of the house came bouncing up the driveway and pulled along side us. He said he would take us down to the house. Ok. At least we will see it after they were kind enough to allow us to change our day of coming to see it.

This guy is a rancher type of person who also bred dogs and sold them. He loved where he lived, but the cold was getting to him. Even though home wasn’t our idea of what we could handle year around, it was so fun to get to know him and hear his story.

Now, with the house showing completed, we are ready to go up the drive to the top of the road. We know we have a way up but our realtor may be another problem. Our new friend Wayne tells our realtor he doesn’t think he can make it and asks him if he knows what to do if he starts sliding backwards in the snow and ice. Our realtor says no problem he can get up the hill. He assured him that he could handle it. Next…three tries up the hill and each time he gets half way up, and back down he goes! The owner tells us he will take us up and come back down and see if he can figure out a way to pull him up. You can’t make this stuff up!

That was the view from the top looking one way.

We get to the top and get in our car to stay warm. We didn’t want to leave our realtor, so we waited to see if Wayne could figure out how he was going to do this feat! About 10 minutes later up comes that little SUV pulling the realtor’s car backwards up the hill! Amazing how resourceful our new friend Wayne was. When he got out of his SUV, I said, “You are the man!” He said, “Yes, I’m the man!” Such a nice guy. I told him I would pray for just the right buyer to come along, and we parted ways. One last look at the view as we rounded the corner and headed down the mountain. It really was a mountain top experience and we made a new friend in the process, and saved our realtor’s car from having to stay over night.

Isn’t life fun??? It is always an adventure! I told our realtor that if he sticks with us, we will give him experiences that he has never had in his life! We already took him to new heights when we had to back out of a drive way up a hill when looking at another house before. We, ourselves, had to take a few runs backing up the hill onto the roadway to get out. If we didn’t get out, others would be enjoying a pause at the spot they were in for a long while. Giggle…Our realtor just laughed and said that was a true statement…he is gaining great experience with us!! I wish I had taken pictures. Can you believe I didn’t???

So don’t get too excited about issues that come up in your life because you never know what may happen or who you may you may meet. But it could be something special to the person you are with or that you meet. And…as you slip and slide on the road of life, or the corners get a bit sharper than you would like as you look down the side of the mountain of life, just remember who you Source is. He will always pull you back toward him if you ask, and even sometimes when you don’t, even if He has to pull you up backwards. And Wayne, I doubt you will read this, but if you do, you are truly “The Man”!

Until next time…



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