I Got You

Here I am taking a break in my studio at my desk. Music playing and feeling like I should be doing more, but needed a break. So, I thought I would talk with you a while.

We are through all the pre-steps to the moving and signed contracts done. We are now waiting on appraisals for each place. We are on our way. We are on to real hard work…that of packing. If you know me even a little through these past years of writing, you know there might be a lot to pack! I am going through things as I pack too and making decisions about a few pieces that aren’t going with us. But that is one of the silver linings in moving…go through things that you either don’t need anymore, can share with someone who will love them like you do, or just have no room for them anymore in the new space. I feel pretty good about how I have downsized already. Some have been hard decisions.

When I was thinking through all the steps to accomplish our move and selling our home at the same time, it was a bit overwhelming. However, I have learned that I can only take a day at a time, and do what I can each day to get where I need to be. In the middle of this uncomfortable stage, God speaks to me about how clearly He sees the future and I must trust and depend on Him. I felt Him saying, “Child, I got you. I got all of it.” A sense of peace came over me and I reminded myself out loud that God has got it all. I just have to rest in that. Each day I get up, I ask Him all over again to continue giving me focus and peace in the middle of the boxes. He does.

That is one small kitchen. My growing up years!

Do you know what? I find myself excited about where God is leading us. I am tired and my brain feels like mush sometimes, but I know He has me. Making this move is rather like starting with a clean slate, or the first page of a new book…I get to write the story and in many ways I get to determine how it goes. The rest is up to God leading me in His direction, but firstly, me listening. I have some big changes with this move. I don’t have the same kind of room in places I spend a lot of time. But I have a beautiful big room that is like a suite above the garage. It will be a great creative space for me. That will be fun to decorate and set up with views of the mountains to see. The mountains are different than they are here, but a very nice beauty of their own in any case. My “take home” from the process has been that if I want a certain result for us, then I have to be willing to do some things differently and… do without some things as well. Am I willing? Will I complain about what I miss? Get upset about not enough room in the kitchen? OR, will I look at it as a challenge, and say what do I need to do to make it work more efficiently? God is teaching me more and more about living simply and being grateful for each day. I can celebrate life with what He has given me, and feel satisfaction in a new place, a different house, different challenges, new people to meet, and a renewed spirit to be in His will. Even in the middle of chaos of moving and then settling in to unpack and set up a home, I can be more peaceful than frenzy. My favorite part of a move is setting up our home. Just like here, I want people to feel the love and welcoming feeling when they come into our home.

So my friends, if you think about this in future days, send a prayer heavenward that God will close our new home before the current one. That means we can take a car over and some possessions that won’t be able to go by truck. That would be a great answer for us. We close at this point March 25th in both places. Crazy, huh? But we know God can work it all out. He is good like that! Like Josh Turner’s song, “We’re a team…me and God.”

God bless each of you. You have been a part of Journeys of My Heart for a long time, and some of you for a short time. I value your readership. I hope if you have a shake up in your life, that you will find peace in the moment…right where you need it. God bless each of you richly.

Until next time…



4 thoughts on “I Got You

  1. So exciting. So much work. Like you say and one of my favorites ” God’s got this”. Much love to you. 🙏

  2. “Making this move is rather like starting with a clean slate, or the first page of a new book…I get to write the story and in many ways I get to determine how it goes. The rest is up to God leading me in His direction, but firstly, me listening.”

    This is my favorite quote from your blog as I look forward to our moving experience. 💗

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