From The Loft

This is a short post just to let you know about something new coming from Journeys of My Heart. I have always enjoyed giving a name to my homes, we have had many moves, and names for things that are important in my life. It is a fun little detail about me. This includes my office spaces I have had. A few weeks ago, God gave me a nudge about a name for my bedroom and office space. In this home, it is above the garage and has ample space in which to have a bedroom with sitting area, and a separate space across from it for my creative and office space. The name He gave me was The Loft. Fitting since it is like my High Tower and quiet space. I loved the name. So I made a logo for that to use in different creative projects.

Fast forward to yesterday. I was having my quiet time, and because I enjoy sharing encouraging ideas, thoughts, questions, and general fun, God laid it on my heart to use that name and create posts “From the Loft” and share them two or so times a week. Then…also to share them here. Because many of you are email subscribers, you would not see them, so I will post them here with my other blog posts. My hope is that you will find them thought provoking, maybe change making, but most of all, a reason to evaluate how we live our lives. So watch for the posts “From the Loft” in the future. They will be different in that they will probably be a photo I take that may ask for your involvement to share your thoughts, or it may be a thought I thought was worth sharing with you that day.

I hope you find it enjoyable and something that will move you forward in some area of your life that day. God always has a plan for us, even with little nudges here and there, so that, we can be encouraged in our spirit.

Here is to living beyond the familiar!



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