From: The Loft

Just to remind you that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, which I know you all know. But… let’s think about this day as a day to tell those around you, whomever they are, that you love and care for them. That means all of them; family and friends alike. Make a card for your kids or grandkids, or a friend. Send a text, or better yet, give them a phone call. Enjoy the day! I know I will. The Travelers2 are making a road trip to a different area around where we live. So I’m excited! I’m sending out all my love to all you readers because I sure appreciate you and your visits to the blog. (I have a page on Facebook called The Travelers2 where I share road trips my hubby and I take and share pictures and memories of the trip. Look me up!)

From: ~The Loft



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