Past Visits Present

Hello everyone! I hope this week has started off well for you. I had a fun little visit from the past today in a well-packed little package in my mail box. I was reminded of a couple of things and thought I would share those thoughts with you.

My sweet package was a book which shocks anyone that knows me! Hahaha! It was a cookbook on good meals and how to prepare them. Now mind you, this book is a third edition with a copyright of 1927. I know from my experience that those times were hard for my ancestors and they learned, because they had to, how to make food go further and to use what was available to them. Now the fun part was looking inside the cover to find recipes that had been kept in there and were cut out from a newspaper. I immediately thought of my mom. She had SO many of those and some were pasted to a 3×5 card and others were just stuck in between the cards. We had a whole big draw of them to go through when she passed away. Some of them went to my kids; especially some that were hand written by her. I still have many, many of them along with those she collected from friends.

This bookshop took such great care in how they packaged the book to make sure it arrived in good condition. What a blessing that is when you are purchasing a rare and hard to find vintage book. With everything being so disposable in this day and age, I find it very refreshing to know that someone cares enough to find and share these books. It is their business to find them and their business to share them; even to the point of leaving recipes in the book as they found them. They aren’t just tossing books out because they are not relevant to today. We have moved toward making our life a toss-away society…what once was is not for today. That gives my heart a squeeze of sadness. I have many old treasures in my home and they are still giving life to me just as they did to my parents and grandparents and maybe beyond them. I love that a book of tried and true recipes that are simple but good, can still be a part of my present. My mom sure would have enjoyed this book.

We are inundated with new and sparkly things for our life and home. We have access to more and more ideas, recipes, fashions, decór, name brands and acquiring the newest of everything. I have done some of that myself. However, I also value what is old and sturdy and works for me. I value having less and I’m working on that by sharing here and there with others to streamline. But… I never tire of the tried and true traditions that I have known as I grew up. I treasure them now more than ever. These old ways would be like saying that because this Bible that was in my dad’s things is not relevant for today because it is old (which sadly seems to be what many believe today), when the truth of it is, that is says the same things today and it gives the same insight and teaching as it did the day it was printed. There was a lesson folded in it that was printed in 1919 and that was the year of his birth. So you see, we keep the old because of what it can teach us today, as well as, the lessons we may not learn today because we see them as irrelevent.

There are many items in the cookbook we don’t eat today, but for cooks in that time, it was what was available to them to feed the family. I often think of my grandma who cooked on wood stove her whole life, with the exception of the last maybe 5 or so years. What a job that was! But I never heard one complaint from her. It had been her job as a young girl to cook for a farmer’s crew. Now, at this time, to have the recipes and all the other helps to be a good cook and housewife is a pretty cool book to have and to learn from!

So what does this have to do with today? Maybe we need to go back to some of those simple ways, to dial down and enjoy days like today with the snow falling here and stand on the porch of our homes and enjoy the silence the snow gives. To enjoy the blanket of beauty the snow brings…it won’t last forever. Call a friend and say hello with a voice call instead of a text or email. Because you see, those old ways and old people, as some see it today, have a story to tell. Why do you think Ancestry has become so popular? People want to know about those times and people that came before them. However, many didn’t ask or care to ask. Later, they wish they had taken the time, or pressed for answers. I think sometimes our relatives didn’t think we really cared so they didn’t share even when asked. I feel like it is more important today than ever! We get so busy with life and running and new and the best, that we forget we aren’t promised a tomorrow and we never know what is around the corner.

So I opened this book up and found a simple recipe for apple fritters and made them. Fantastic! It made my day. We have time for social media, many of us, so cut that time in half and do something with your family and friends. Get an old cookbook out, read a classic, have a tea or coffee on FaceTime with a friend from miles away. I think my folks would be proud of who I am and who I became. I hope my family sees in me those traits we can learn from a simple book in the mail and… the past that makes its way into the present.

Don’t miss it. It can bring joy right into the deepest parts of our hearts if we let it. Share in the comments your thoughts and pictures of your special treasured item or activity that you have done, or might do in the future.

Until next time…



Ever Wanted A Life Map?


Today I have some time to write a bit in the midst of unpacking boxes. Sometimes we push oursleves beyond what our bodies can take, and we are forced to rest. So I thought I would write about a couple things on my heart today. It has been a good day to reflect.

A life map...don’t we all have times when we wish we had a map for our life? It would tell us where we are going and how we can get there.  We could even determine how long it might take for us to reach our destination. Why would we want a map, you ask? Because most of us want to know what is going on in our future, and what our life is going to look like. We can’t see where our life is going. But we have certainly seen where it has been and would like a few clues for what’s ahead. Kind of rough for us not to have one of those maps, isn’t it? The truth of the matter is, we don’t get to have a detailed map. We aren’t the captain of our souls. If we could see ahead, It might be something we can’t handle right now, but God will enable us to handle at some point in our future. It may be way to scary for us to see further down the road. Look at it this way…if it’s in your rear view mirror, you can know what your life looks like, but ahead is risky for us. We all have an average of 75 years or 27, 375 days. We are given points in life of: birth and ending with death. If we have found Jesus, then we have a wonderful life touch point to help direct us. It is how we live in between those points that counts the most. We know that. But we don’t often examine it. Each point in our life is very important to our life story and the person we become. Often times, the road we travel is preparing us for a new season; whether it be a long one or a short one. Unfortunately, we don’t have a life map to tell us how long it will be. We have to give Him the wheel of our lives to help direct us.

I don’t know about you, but when I come face to face with Jesus, I want Him to find me doing well; faithful and living my life with adventure and joy. It won’t be because of something I make happen, but because of what He has given me, and the His love FOR me. It will be about how willing I am to be obedient to what God has for me. Our move is a prime example in my life. The hardships are hard. If we had known about some of the hardships in our lives before hand, we may not have accepted the adventure period. However, when we do, He is faithful to bring us back to the road He has set before us. I want Him to find me more dependent on Him for direction in my life, as well as, obedient to His leading. What we would have missed out on if we had let our “moving again attitude” take over what God was going to graciously give us? Wow.

The question: How is God going to find me when the time comes? Does that question stir you up, or challenge you a little bit, as you think about what God is going to find in you when the time comes? Are you ready? Will He find you continually looking, searching, and maintaining an attitude of expectancy? Or, will he find you down in the dumps, feeling disappointed in your life? It could happen anytime, you know. We are seeing in the world around us that life can change in a moment.  A life of change is an engaged life, so stay engaged! Ask yourself, “How will He find me?”.  Ask it often, I do.

What are some of the keys to this kind of living? Here are a few:

  • Be of good personal character. Is it guided by the Holy Spirit, or your flesh?
  • Be diligent.
  • Be eager.
  • Be zealous.
  • Be found in peace.
  • Be determined.
  • Be in total trust of God’s plan
  • Be in a harmonious relationship with Jesus.
  • Be a life long learner.

If we want to have a good relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, we need to be a consistent, ongoing learner. Ask God for wisdom about who and what you listen to. In these times, we can easily get side-swiped by some off-the-wall teaching, or someone taking the Word out of context. Ask the Holy Spirit to be your teacher.

Another area to consider that will have bearing on your relationship with God is grace. Get your Bible out and read Romans 5:15. Sometimes, we think that if we sinned this much, we get this much grace. But… that isn’t true because as sin increases, grace abounds! If you think about grace as a bath, for example, you would drown. Wow! Jesus wants us, and there is no sin, scandlous act, or darkness, that Jesus won’t give you an exit out of it. How would it be if you had all the grace that God can give you? It covers more than you have ever done. Now that is some good news!

The Captain – the name for my Mini because God is my Captain.

So don’t live in worry and doubt. You may not have a map of your life in front of you, but you certainly can know Who walks your road with you as you travel. He pulls up to the curb of your life, opens the door, and invites you in for the ride of your life! We will have some big curves on our road at times, which means we have to slow down to take those curves, but boy its great when we hit that straight-a-way! We can let the wind blow on our faces and feel the freedom that God gives us as He navigates us through. Remember as a child when you might have rode in the back of a pick-up truck? It was fun and you felt so free being back there. We feel that joy! We can lift our arms through the windows of our life and let the wind catch us and blow our hair straight back not caring what it looks like, and yes, let the laughter bubble over! Yes! We can celebrate that we have a God that cares about it all; everything.

GET. IN. THE. CAR.! Happy adventures!

Until next time,