Amber Beads and Harvest

ImageThis morning, as I was walking by my desk, I saw my string of amber beads hanging from my desk organizer and this question came to mind: “What do those beads remind you of?” I immediately thought of Fall and Harvest, and colors and pictures that go with it. What came next was this question: “Did you know that prayer is like a harvest?” By now, I know I need to take the time and really think about this because there is a lesson right here in my office over a string of amber beads. So… here is what my thoughts are about what God laid on my heart today.

When we think of harvest, we think of receiving the benefits of what we have planted. We believe that if we plant seeds, water them properly, fertilize them properly, keep the weeds at bay, we will get results; a harvest of what we have planted. 

I sensed God saying our prayer life is just like that. If we want answers (harvest) to our Key Moments Photographyprayers, we must plant our prayers in faith, fertilize them with the Word and ask the Holy Spirit to water them, and ask God to keep us full of Him, so we will receive the harvest God has for us. We can’t get a harvest by standing in the field and wishing for one. For example:  “I wish God would answer this prayer. Or, I have been praying about that for a long time, maybe I should just quit.” Prayer is like being out and tilling the field. You are preparing your soil for harvest. Prayer is like a muscle that you have to exercise. You have to do it consistently, with commitment and faith if you expect a good harvest/result.

Next, He led me to Matthew 12:43 where evil comes into a man and then he decides to turn His life over to Christ and he is made clean. But then God talks about the man needing to ask to be filled up with Him because otherwise, Satan will come along with seven more demons to fill that space. We need to be asking God to fill us daily so we have no room for doubt, negative feelings or discouragement or a sliver of space for satan to get in. 

We need to:

  • Plant, water and fertilize our prayers with faith
  • Believe that God WILL answer
  • Be in the Word of God which will enrich our lives
  • Ask God to fill us.

If we do these things, our prayers will yield a great harvest. We don’t want to throw a prayer out in the air and hope it comes to pass. If the farmer goes out and throws out the seed with no plan or reason, he will find it very difficult to cultivate his harvest. So it is with our prayers. We need to filled with God, operate in faith in our asking, pray through with God’s Word, and expect a great harvest reward. If we, as Beth Moore shared in a study, BELIEVE GOD and not just believe IN God, then we know He wants nothing more then to answer your prayers. Just keep in mind that YOUR idea of an answer might be different from His. That’s the faith part; you have to trust Him for your best no matter how it make look in the physical!

So, I asked myself today, “Is there anything JoAnn that you have been praying for that is lacking in faith in order for God to answer it? Do you believe that God is the God of A Great Harvest? Are you in the Word consistently so that you are built up in your faith? Do you ask to be filled with God daily?” Now, I ask you those same questions. Hummm…be honest with yourself and with God right now, and listen carefully.

Key Moments PhotographyGod spoke to me today about a very important subject matter over a string of amber beads! Amazing! If our harvest is plenty within us, so will our light shine so that we are equipped for the harvest “out there”.

P.S. ~ I bought this string of beads from a little thrift shop with the idea of doing a craft with them. None of these ideas came to me at the time. I just liked how clear and beautiful they were. But you see, I think God places things or people or circumstances in our lives, SO THAT (my favorite words), at just the right time, for just the right reason, He has something to say to us. I love that about Him! 

I am watching… listening… for His leading, and as always…walking the journey with you.



Are Your Life Rings Showing?


I took a picture not long ago of a piece of wood that came on shore. It was quite large! You could see on what appeared to be the cut end of the tree, all the rings which you can count to see how old the tree is. It had to be pretty old because there were a lot of rings to count!

I have looked at this photo many times and it made me think what would happen if we had to wear our rings of age where others could see…and what if OUR rings were to show how closely we have followed the Lord in our lives each year? I know it might seem far-fetched, but what IF??? How many rings would be showing for others to count? We will have that sort of accountability some day. Now, I am glad my story goes along the way of rings and not wrinkles! Phew! Don’t need any more of those! But think about that for a minute. Do we have enough evidence for it to be counted for the Kingdom? Would you see the wisdom of my life rings as evidenced in my life?

That is one of my goals for myself this year; I want to be counted as one who is a difference maker. A friend of mine shared with me over coffee, that she didn’t have what she used to have to be able to give, but what she DID have, was time. And that was free to give. I agree. I want to spend the time that God has given me for the things that will make a difference in the lives of others around me and for God. I can make a phone call, send a text, mail a card, write a Facebook message, or invite someone for coffee and share life together with them. That is more important in the long run that any rabbit trail I might chase thinking, “I should do this, or I should do that.” I need to be asking God where it is that He wants me most. It’s one of the things that photography has taught me; take the time to “see” what is there all the time.

So I encourage you today to make some life rings of your own. It isn’t like it is about works or doing, but it is about making a difference for the glory of God. We all know we aren’t going to run around with rings on our bodies, but it could look more like those ripples I talked about in my last post, where you can clearly be used of God in ways you never expect! Start now! It is never too late to begin again! Throw the rock and make some rings; rings that later on will show accountability for what God entrusted to you.

Go make a great ring this year! Be sure to have fun, laugh, love and even do some dancing along the way! Walking the journey with you…

Another Step Closer

There is a thunder in the distance…and it is not a Spring storm! It’s the roar and shout of the saints coming together to do something great! I’m so glad to be a part of this crowd!

What’s the thunder about? Over the past five months, I have been fulfilling the call that God gave me when I went to Honduras this last January, to raise the money to send a shipping container of needed items to Honduras for the orphanage, school, church, and medical center. I have prayed more than ever over it because I knew it wasn’t something I could do by myself. God’s ideas are always bigger than we can conceive on our own. I knew it had to be God moving in the hearts of others to work as a team in order to make it happen. AND?… It IS!!! We are very close to meeting that need and I am even believing God for overflow so that we can actually purchase a few other items that are needed. Is God faithful? ALL the time!

This is the kind of activity that I think God wants us to be involved in. Not just meeting the needs, but He knows when we work together, we become family, friendships deepen, you have common goals that drive you forward together, joy is spread, and hearts made light when we let our lights shine through our love in action! It is like a big wheel, where God is the hub and we are the spokes in the wheel; we all are needed to give support to the hub so the wheel can turn.

Is it effective? Absolutely! I love how I have seen people from church to pastors, classmates to Facebook friends, new acquaintances to past co-workers,  join together and say, “I want to help and here is my donation!” VERY cool! At church, we are talking about “Live.Love.” I can think of no better way to be an example of that then what I have seen take place these five months! As times may seem to be getting more difficult, it is wonderful to know that we have been given the very gift that we need for such a time as this…each other.

Don’t let your opportunity to join in where in where you can! You can change a life and it won’t be just the person you are helping. It WILL change yours in ways you never thought possible. Thank you for walking the journey with me. You make it all worth while!

I’m living it! Are you? Walking the journey with you…